The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 775 with Greg Fitzsimmons

Episode Number: 775
Episode Guest: Greg Fitzsimmons
Original Airdate: March 16, 2016
Episode Sponsors: MVMT Watches, Boll and Branch, LegalZoom, Onnit

Guest Bio: Greg Fitzsimmons is a stand-up comedian. He also hosts his own podcast FitzDog Radio available on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Donald Trump‘s face; the face sags as you age; regenerating collagen; “hang in there” poster; getting back in shape as you age; Greg’s shoulder injury and surgery; Vicodin; Greg was addicted to pain pills; how Greg kicked his pain pill addiction; Greg stopped drinking alcohol; Al-Anon; talk about Teddy Bergeron; Brendan Schaub’s addiction to Oxycontin; Joe talks about Chris Bell‘s addiction to pills while making the Prescription Thugs documentary; Dr. Rhonda Patrick killing mice for science experiments; new guidelines for doctors prescribing pain killers; Joe was prescribed Vicodin after patella tendon surgery but sold them to an addict at a pool hall; why would someone who’s wealthy do something they don’t want to do; Koch brothers; what will happen to the earth in the future; Rockefeller conspiracy involving prohibition, alcohol, and oil; Who Killed the Electric Car? documentary; Henry Ford’s hemp car; bear eats cub video; all bears are cannibals; Zootopia movie; anthropomorphism of animals; all bears eat meat; mountain lions in Los Angeles; mountain lion kills a koala; humans are part of the balance of animals; a Los Angeles mountain lion’s primary diet is pets; Joe saw a mountain lion; coyotes; Greg talks about staying in a hotel during a furry convention; Greg Fitzsimmon’s Instagram pics of furries; family is Greg’s only interest; spending time with family is important; connecting to your family; Greg knew someone who killed himself; people who don’t recover from being dumped; Blondie rapping; The Sugarhill Gang; Joe talks about being in class with older kids; teachers who make an impression; infinity; Greg’s idea of what God is; atoms resemble the universe; dark matter; “God” has so many meanings; why do people try to convert others to their religion; vegans; the need to convert people; Bikram Yoga is a cult; Bikram Choudhury’s legal issues and car collection; benefits of Bikram Yoga; feeling relaxed and calm after doing yoga; Joe wasn’t upset after someone hit his expensive car because of yoga; yoga is difficult; the smell of a Bikram Yoga room; your balls and dick after doing yoga; loafers with double tassels; working your way up the corporate ladder; Lake Sherwood, California country club; California golf courses and water usage; hitting animals and people with golf balls; head trauma; Greg’s son got a concussion from playing soccer; fighters getting knocked out; Joe getting knocked out in kickboxing; movies where guys get pistol whipped; street fight knockout stories; people hitting their heads on concrete in street fight; loudness of motorcycles; Greg’s Toyota Prius doesn’t make any noise; Shelby Mustang cars; power of new cars; ads on Greg’s podcast; finding ads you like; Uber for babysitters; DraftKings and fantasy sports; Holly Holm vs. Miesha Tate fight; Jamie bet on Nate Diaz to beat Conor McGregor; Ari Shaffir and Duncan Trussell kiss at a UFC event video; comedy club talk; Ari’s This is Not Happening comedy show and TV show; Greg talks about watching a couple have sex in a hotel room then going to their room to listen to them; accidental nudity; our voyeur instinct; Jennifer Lawrence nudes; Greg looked down his mother-in-law’s shirt; universal health care; Warren Buffett; upgrading your seats on an airplane; sitting beside annoying people on an airplane; Eddie Van Halen; Valerie Bertinelli; Van Halen; AC/DC; Sammy Hagar; “I Can’t Drive 55” song; driving a Toyota Prius; does Greg miss Venice Beach; building a compound and living with your friends; Urijah Faber lives in the same area as many of his friends; someone broke into Urijah Faber’s house and shit all over the place; Snapchat; Periscope; Joey Diaz gets high on Periscope; feud between Joey Diaz and John Caparulo; Greg tells a John Caparulo story about trying to podcast with him; more John Caparulo talk; drama at The Comedy Store; people need to stop hating on other people and work on themselves; Joey Diaz talk; Joey Diaz’s comedy; Bill Burr; taking a day off between comedy sets; finding balance as a comedian; long sets vs. short sets; comedy is like exercise; starting out in comedy; you always get better at comedy; musicians have to be disciplined; Ian Edwards; writing bits on stage vs. off stage; forcing yourself to write; finding inspiration to write; ideas are flexible; Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky‘s Your Mom’s House podcast; having guests on your podcast; Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast; Joe going on vacation; Greg is going to vacation in Colorado; skiing; falling while skiing; wearing a helmet skiing/snowboarding; Bode Miller; playing ice hockey; Bobby Orr‘s bad knees; retired hockey players play golf; retired football players; Michael Irvin; Greg hates Michael Strahan; Kelly Ripa; Regis Philbin; Jay Leno’s Garage TV show; talk show hosts don’t give a shit about their guests; country singers with fake rips in their jeans; wear your own jeans and work boots; Timberland boots; Cristal and rap music; alcohol associated to certain races; white assholes drink champagne; Dom Perignon; a hangover is withdrawal of alcohol; cigarettes are more addictive than heroin; The Insider movie; marijuana addiction; sugar is addictive; Joe talks about his diet and cutting out sugar; granola bars are candy bars; That Sugar Film documentary; high fructose corn syrup; King Corn documentary; ethanol; Rockefeller and 3D printing meat; rich people doing good things; Robert Kennedy; cleaning PCBs out of the Hudson River; you could once swim in the Hudson River; lobsters were once considered food for poor people; a guy who cooked a coyote; you can eat almost any animal; Greg ate a scorpion; bug protein is good for you; cricket bars; alligator meat; elk meat; eating game meat; Greg ate elephant; we’re trying to make bears less deadly; polar bears; Greg saw a rattlesnake eat a squirrel; Joe ran over a rattlesnake while hiking; Joe’s dog got bit by a snake; Joe killed a snake; Joe killed a bat in Greg’s apartment; sucking out snake venom; Kevin Fowler bit by rattlesnake; Greg talks about baboons in Africa; chimps and baboons will steal a child; baboons are weird; baboons with pet dogs; chimps and monkeys have entered the stone age; Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind book; humans mated with neanderthals earlier than we thought; Pamela Anderson is the last nude Playboy model; Greg was bowling with Cindy Crawford; meth ages people quickly; seeing people you haven’t seen in years.

My Thoughts: Greg is a great guest and I’m a fan of his podcast. This episode bounces all over the place and they cover many different topics, some of which you’ve heard many times before. Still worth a listen, and it’s under three hours!

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