The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 774 with Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen

Episode Number: 774
Episode Guest: Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen
Original Airdate: March 15, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, Squarespace,, Onnit

Guest Bio: Brendan Schaub is a retired UFC fighter and former semi-professional football player. Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian. Brendan and Bryan together host the podcast The Fighter and the Kid.

Topics Discussed: The Fighter and the Kid T-shirts; Ed Hardy and Von Dutch; Ed Hardy and Von Dutch T-shirts; Paul Booth tattoo artist; girls with tattoos and SuicideGirls; Bryan wants tattoos but cares what people think; Bryan is getting a Tesla car; Brock Lesnar drives a tiny car; Bryan doesn’t appreciate cars; Tesla ludicrous mode; Paul Booth doesn’t let people tell him what to draw; Southern California tattoo artists; tattoo artist is now a respected profession; people think Brendan is a dumb jock; exaggerating personalities on a podcast; Bryan will get a The Fighter and the Kid tattoo when they hit 10 million downloads; bad tattoos in the UFC; Conor McGregor’s tattoos; dowry and marriage; divorce; men get nothing out of marriage and/or divorce; Donald Trump’s net worth; Bernie Sanders debating Hillary Clinton;; who is the best presidential candidate; Hillary Clinton on Nancy and Ronald Reagan and AIDS; people don’t trust Hillary Clinton; cycle of recession and growth; what will happen if Donald Trump becomes president; Hillary Clinton’s email server staffer granted immunity; mandated charity for wealthy people rather than raising taxes; what percentage of donations actually go to charity; Wounded Warrior controversy; money isn’t the answer to everything; black guys with hairy bodies; you can’t say black people like chicken or watermelon; Dave Herman is the hairiest guy in the UFC: Dave Herman’s problem with the policeJohn-Olav Einemo; Brendan turned down a fight with John-Olav Einemo; the guys think Bryan should get a neck tattoo; dick tattoos; tattooing your entire arms black; Tim Commerford‘s (Rage Against the Machine) black arm tattoos; people with gun tattoos on their waists; Christy Mack‘s tattoos; Christie Mack’s relationship with War Machine; Christy Mack is tiny; War Machine was on Joe’s podcast; War Machine‘s life; people who have a bad childhood and don’t know how to go through life; some guys will self-sabotage and always screw up; don’t lend people money because you won’t get it back; Brendan was ripped off by a friend; Joe has been owed money by someone for 10 years; everyone has a scheme; Bryan and Dov Davidoff bought a friend a car; Brendan helping fighters; it’s worth giving friends money to not see them in pain; people want a shortcut; people pitching Brendan and Joe ideas for businesses; comedians asking Joe to take them on the road with him; The Fighter and the Kid live shows; Denver, Colorado; Frank Castillo’s Instagram; doing local stand-up comedy sets; comedians doing live podcast shows; would Brendan do stand-up comedy; Brendan gets more satisfaction from doing live shows than fighting in the UFC; staying stupid; people who are too smart aren’t funny; people need to love AND hate you; Joe likes chaotic comedy with controversial subjects; Brendan is banned from UFC Now; Matt Brown; who will Conor McGregor fight next; Jose Aldo rematch with Conor McGregor; who should Miesha Tate fight next; Miesha Tate vs. Holly Holm fight; Miesha Tate and Bryan Caraway; will Miesha Tate wait for Ronda Rousey; Brendan doesn’t hate Dana White; Conor McGregor vs. Frankie EdgarCub Swanson; Max Holloway; Diego Sanchez; Gilbert Melendez; dadbod Vitor Belfort; Ronaldo film; Vitor Belfort vs. Luke Rockhold; TRT Vitor Belfort; Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock failed drug tests; Yves Edwards; tiny people move better; Nate Marquardt; Hector Lombard vs. Neil Magny; Rin Nakai; Leslie Smith’s ear; Josh Burkman vs. Hector Lombard; Jeremy Horn; who should Nate Diaz fight next; Conor McGregor vs. Rafael dos Anjos; how McGregor is handling the loss to Nate Diaz; will Conor fight at UFC 200; how much time should McGregor take off after getting knocked out; Chad Mendes‘ losses; what happens if Conor loses to Frankie; more McGregor talk; Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson; Jon Jones vs. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson; Joe interviewing Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones; The Fighter and the Kid podcast promotes the UFC; ignoring online criticism; losers try to hurt your feelings; Kanye West; Solomon hiking shoes; car salesmen; Brendan’s cars; Bryan and Joe are going hunting; Joe gets obsessed with things; killing an animal with a bow; Joe loves elk meat and giving it to his friends; GT kombucha tea; Joe’s samurai sword from the 1500’s; probiotics; kimchi; gut health; shooting an animal in the face; Pigman TV show; Pigman and Ted Nugent shoot pigs from a helicopter video; hunting wolves; you have to hunt things that don’t have a predator; shooting pigs in the head; pigs are invasive; future of video games; robot assassins; Google’s AlphaGo AI beat a human at Go game; Jaden Smith; Chris Rock on Jada Pinkett Smith; #OscarsSoWhite; Lady Gaga’s song about rape at the Oscars; people who get free rides because they’re from marginalized groups; social justice warriors; Tropic Thunder movie with Robert Downey, Jr. in blackface; cultural appropriation; The Amazing Atheist; NotAllMen; the idea that having sex while drunk is the same as being raped; women sexually assaulting men is funny; The Amazing Atheist was sexually assaulted by a woman; teenage boys who have sex with their female teachers; hot female teachers who’ve sexually assaulted students; the first time the guys had sex; getting used to having sex; Joe’s ears ringing after orgasming; Joe can’t quit masturbating; masturbating is exercise; Joe had sex before he masturbated; Joe was a loser; it’s easy to get laid today; regenerating collagen in the body; advancing technology; scientists discover how to upload knowledge into the brain; people who lived thousands of years ago would be blown away by today’s technology; swordfighting; Miyamoto Musashi; one president weighed only 100 lbs.; how many presidents can they name; one-term presidents; Warren G. Harding; John F. Kennedy, Jr.; Bryan tells stories about necrophilia; Trump supporters wearing Nazi-style armbands; scientists have grown dinosaur legs on a chicken; how big would guys’ dicks get if there were dick pills; what is happiness based on; CRISPR; developing a skill set and would the fun go away if you could get instantly good at something; the most depressed people rarely set goals; Joe talks about reward systems again; why do we have a need to get better at something; we want to reach beyond ourselves; what if they could eliminate greed and jealousy; transcending our biological impulses; we are all scared of death and want to live forever; downloading your consciousness into a computer; our personalities are reactions to our shortcomings; learning how to fail; DMT trips; getting a tangible benefit to things that aren’t real; Ben Carson; what happens if Trump becomes president; Bryan talks about campaign finance reform again; Crowdpac.

My Thoughts: Lots of political talk and lots of fighting/MMA/UFC talk. Technology talk towards the end of the podcast. They meander throughout and touch on many random topics briefly.

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