The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 772 with Mark Bell and Chris Bell

Episode Number: 772
Episode Guest: Mark Bell and Chris Bell
Original Airdate: March 8, 2016
Episode Sponsors: LegalZoom, Club W, Blue Apron, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Mark Bell is an elite powerlifter and owner of Team Super Training Gym in Sacramento, CA. Chris Bell is a writer, director, and filmmaker known for the documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster and his new documentary called Prescription Thugs was recently released.

Topics Discussed: Prescription Thugs documentary; US takes more prescription drugs than any country, yet ranks 50th in life expectancy; medicine turning into a business because of Ronald Reagan; there are enough pain pills in the US to get everyone high for 24 hours per day for a month; Advil and Tylenol is more effective than prescription painkillers; treating his arthritis with Advil and Tylenol; medical marijuana can be great for pain relief; not trying marijuana for pain relief out of fear of it being a gateway to other things; everything is addicting; marijuana can be psychologically addictive; food as medicine; people turn from Oxycontin to heroin in Massachusetts; we need to help each other; drug rehab should be for at least 90 days; he made this movie while in rehab; the experience of going to rehab; ibogaine for addiction; creating new pathways in the brain; how ibogaine works; it’s important to hit rock bottom; when Chris hit rock bottom; their brother Mad Dog who died from a drug overdose; getting Chris into rehab; Joe’s friend who was acting strangely was actually on pain pills; people come to Chris to confess about their addictions; why aren’t the presidential candidates talking about painkiller addiction; Donald Trump can call out the pharmaceutical companies; there are lobbies for everything; Oxycontin change to curb addiction; finding a solution to the painkiller addiction; diabetes drug that leads to heart attacks; there was a drug that was tainted with AIDS; AZT drug; restless leg syndrome; depression; athletes suffer depression after experiencing the high of competition then returning to a normal life; being happy is a choice; finding things that make you happy; pursuing enjoyable activities; find a job you love; building your confidence; Ronda Rousey’s suicidal thoughts after her loss to Holly Holm; how Conor McGregor handled his loss to Nate Diaz; using the lows in your life for motivation; moving on from a break-up; becoming someone who people like; define who you are; more Ronda Rousey talk; the highs of life come with lows; their brother who was trying to get into the WWE; lots of stand-up comedians deal with addiction and depression; depression and Propecia; Propecia and impotence; being a stand-up is compensating for other areas of your life; does Joe fit the mold of a comedian; rich kids lack drive to achieve anything; Trophy Kids documentary; some kids are better athletes than others; find something you enjoy doing; Chris appearing in his documentaries; Penn and Teller: Bullshit! TV show; supplements contain steroids; Jeff Novitzky; Lance Armstrong; are there powerlifters who aren’t on steroids; Brian Shaw; Robert Oberst; some people can handle weight better; Mark Hunt; John Cena; hormone replacement therapy; growth hormone; importance of double blind placebo studies; fish oil; flush niacin; Joe eating healthy; Brian Shaw 555 stone lift video; Brian Shaw’s diet; PRP injections; stem cells; peptides; Dr. Roddy McGee; Bas Rutten had stem cell treatment; Chris exposing his life in the documentary; why did Chris gain so much weight; doing a documentary on ketogenic diets; ketogenic diets and epilepsy; The Blueprint Diet book; gluten-free diets; Phat Fudge; Joe’s diet; how Joe feels now after being on his diet; eating nothing but red meat and drinking water; guy who hasn’t eaten carbs in years; Nate Diaz is not a vegan; Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz fight; vegans are annoying; vegans have a delusional view of wildlife; some animals need to die because of overpopulation; veganism is a cult; edible marijuana; you can be healthy and be a vegan; you can get animal protein from eggs and it doesn’t hurt the chickens; Joe fed his chickens a mouse; chicken is healthy but they’re gross; factory farming; Food Inc. documentary; marten chasing a rabbit video; what conclusions did he reach from doing the documentary; drive addicts towards getting help; you don’t need to be an expert to help somebody; addicts don’t have control; bipolar; their brother got thrown in jail; Suboxone; drugs make you do crazy things; therapy is important; escape fire; look for different ways to cure what ails you; advertisements for prescription drugs; we trust doctors; there’s a lot of pressure on doctors; there should be a record of what drugs you’re on and have taken; The Oxycontin Express documentary; Oxyana documentary; prescription drug commercials are influential; commercials distract you from the side effects; pill overdoses kill more people than car crashes; rehab is expensive but it’s not an excuse to not explore it; how people are being lied to by the pharmaceutical industry; drug companies spend more on advertising than research and development; companies prepare for and expect lawsuits; the drug companies wouldn’t talk to Chris; the connection between statins and Viagra; Abilify; marijuana and stress; lowering your cholesterol; saturated fats aren’t bad for you; conflicting reports about what’s good and bad for you; flexible dieting; strength is important; sedentary lifestyles; fat people riding scooters at Disneyland; fat shaming; people think bodybuilders are dumb; people are more conscious about their diets than ever before; nutrition should be mandatory in school; That Sugar Film documentary; kids need to learn sugars are bad; kids on medication; Chris relapsed during the documentary after his hip replacement surgery; Chirs was drinking alcohol; buying Xanax off Craigslist; getting people to talk to him for the documentary; being worried the drugs would kill him; people looking down on marijuana but not prescription drugs; anything that alters your consciousness can be problematic; statistics in his movie are ignored by the mainstream news; Chris Leben‘s drug problems; people thinking they can quit cold turkey; finding inspiration in podcasts; the brothers inspire each other; follow what you’re passionate about; find inspiration in the things and people around you.

My Thoughts: Starts with talk about pain pills and prescription drugs then turns into talk about food and diets.

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