The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 770 with Michael Shermer

Episode Number: 770
Episode Guest: Michael Shermer
Original Airdate: March 7, 2016
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Guest Bio: Michael Shermer is a science writer, historian of science, founder of The Skeptics Society, and Editor in Chief of its magazine Skeptic, which is largely devoted to investigating pseudoscientific and supernatural claims.

Topics Discussed: Michael’s history with cycling; ultra endurance athletes; all subcultures have weird people; cycling was a full-time job; blood doping in cycling; Michael had Hepatitis C; EPO; extreme winners; Breaking the Chain book; what athletes do when they retire; Lance Armstrong; how Michael got into skepticism; Charlie Sheen’s AIDS doctor; Merchants of Doubt documentary; people like no-nonsense people; 9/11 conspiracies; thermite talk; Jesse Ventura; Operation Northwoods; overpopulation; lower birth rate in prosperous countries; feeding the world and distribution of food; conspiracy to lower the earth’s population; Cowspiracy documentary; vegans; synthetic meat; grass-fed vs. corn-fed beef; will synthetic meat be as good as normal meat; incremental technological advancements; electric cars; Who Killed the Electric Car? documentary; Henry Ford’s first car was made of hemp video; Joe talks again about William Randolph Hearst making marijuana illegal; hemp; Lotus Eco Elise; hemp bicycle; Popular Mechanics “Hemp: The Billion Dollar Crop” article; the war on drugs; why is alcohol illegal; Joe Rogan Questions Everything TV show; people who believe in conspiracies tend to believe in all conspiracies; John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories; Best Evidence book; Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassination; more JFK talk; deathbed confession of Howard Hunt; the JFK magic bullet theory; single-bullet theory; unexplained anomalies; eyewitness testimonies; Joe once saw a squirrel and thought it was a wolf; JFK’s secret societies speech; the attack on Pearl Harbor; the US knew the 9/11 and the Pearl Harbor attacks were going to happen; confirmation bias; psychics; Dionne Warwick’s Psychic Friends Network; how psychics work; James Van Praagh; Banachek; you can still be fooled even if you know it’s a trick; magicians know how to manipulate you; ghost hunter TV shows; astrology; Nancy Reagan’s astrologer; Roswell UFO incident; In Search of… TV show; when a story becomes a business; UFO sightings are military planes; online clickbait; Snopes; it’s OK to say “I don’t know”; why do people like mysteries; what draws people to UFO and alien conspiracies; The Day the Earth Stood Still movie; aliens are like Gods to humans; aliens would be millions of years more advanced than we are; neanderthals and human evolution; the beginning of the universe; the possibility we are the only human-like beings to ever exist; we want to believe aliens are in talks with our governments and military leaders; American Computer Company; Robert Lazar; Area 51; people want to blow the lid of conspiracies; pharmaceutical companies aren’t hiding drugs; the conspiracy with drug companies are with drug prices; pain pills; pharmaceutical reps; the medicalization of social issues; there’s no increase in autism cases, just in the diagnosing of autism; vaccinations; people are idiots; people are emotionally connected to their beliefs; When Prophecy Fails book; December 21, 2012; Cracking the Mayan Code documentary; drama is better with a beginning and an end; Heaven’s Gate; cult leaders; Scientology; Tom Cruise saluting L. Ron Hubbard; L. Ron Hubbard has written more books than anyone else; Going Clear documentary and book; Scientology is declining; Joe got tested by Scientologists; Dianetics; Joe knew someone who was “going clear”; everyone wants to be free; L. Ron Hubbard probably had mental problems and likely created Scientology to cure himself; Tony Robbins; Sham book; self-help books work to an extent; Joe doing The Primal Blueprint diet; ketosis; butter coffee with MCT oil; diets; ketogenic diets and epilepsypaleo diet; milk; eggs; Joe talks about his chickens; technological singularity; artificial intelligence and copies of ourselves; transhumanism; what will we be like a million years from now; the history of Christianity is lost in time; Mitt Romney’s family and Mormonism in Mexico; polygamy; Colorado City, Arizona and Mormons; why is the government involved in marriage; legal age for marriage; the Lincoln Bible; why are we still following the Old Testament; ISIS is doing today what Christians used to do centuries ago; Donald Sterling’s racist remarks; campus protests; safe spaces; the asymmetry between the left and right in education; listen to the arguments of the other side; find balance; Joe follows crazy people on Twitter to explore how their minds work; Holocaust deniers; flat earth conspiracy; Alfred Russel Wallace; Bedford Level experiment; The Vestiges of Natural History and Creation book; Charles Darwin; Origin of the Species book; Darwinism book; ideas that come out of dreams; gravity talk; the origin of ideas and creativity; what made us into us; the mind is a mystery; quantum consciousness.

My Thoughts: A nice change of pace from what Joe has been podcasting about a lot lately. Starts with some talk about cycling and goes right into conspiracy theory talk for the rest of the podcast. Turns towards diet talk (AGAIN) towards the end, but thankfully shifts into religion and cults.

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