The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 769 with Bert Kreischer (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 769
Episode Guest: Bert Kreischer
Original Airdate: March 3, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Ting,, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comedian, actor, and reality television host. Check out his book Life of the Party on Amazon and his podcast The Bertcast on Stitcher and iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Brian is irresponsible; Bert signs all of his texts; people with email signatures; signing social media posts with a hashtag; Dominic Monaghan signs his Instagram posts with #becurious; Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan TV show; leafcutter ants; leafcutter ant concrete tunnels; nobody cares if you kill ants; people get pissed if you kill bees; bees and cell phone signals; Joe tells a story about bees on the Fear Factor set; Bert driving through a swarm of bees; Joey Diaz’s stand-up bit about stray dogs fucking; Lee Syatt (Joey Diaz’s podcast producer) is banned from the Southpoint Casino for giving out drugs; Bert fought a bear and made a T-shirt about it; Joey Diaz holds grudges; Joey getting upset about things; voicemail; Joey and Bert’s relationship; Joey gave Bert’s dad marijuana popcorn; Joey helped Bert and his dad connect; everyone loves Joey; fued between Joey and John Caparulo; Joey’s comedy getting better; comedy talk; comedy clubs; doing theaters; Joe can’t ice skate; Action Bronson podcast; Viceland; Bert’s show Trip Flip; taking a break from comedy; Bert taking a break from TV to do stand-up comedy; Bert should do a travel TV show about doing comedy; Knoxville, Tennessee; comedy club talk; Bert’s “call in sick to work” comedy shows; Brian’s weight loss; Bert’s weight loss; cutting out bread; cutting out all carbs; impulse control; cutting out beer; boxes of wine; Bert was drinking a box of wine per night while filming his TV show; people don’t want to hear they should be eating better or going to the gym; Bert drinks a bottle of wine while on the treadmill; doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while high; beer after a workout; Bert’s drinking; Bert is healthy; doing a show makes Bert drink more; Vietnam; crime in Vietnam; Japanese culture is nationalistic; places where men/women aren’t allowed in; gyms for men/women; pool halls were men’s clubs; society wants men to be married and have a family; you don’t want to be the old guy at the bar; Friars Club; men have to neuter themselves; no one lives like comedians do; more Joey Diaz talk; Tom Segura; Christina Pazsitzky; bits about babies or cancer; Bert has a fascinating life; writing material about his life and travelling; making money doing stand-up and his podcast; Bert hanging out with Doug Stanhope; talk about Doug’s houses; homes in Bisbee, Arizona; real estate in California; real estate in New York City; building a compound; white girl called black people “the elements”; Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Donald Trump video; Brian’s name; Bert talks about Doug’s wife Bingo running away to be with another man; podcasts about Bingo leaving; talk about Bingo; depression and craziness; medication and marijuana; working out and feeling better; Bert thinks about going on anxiety medication; Bert is in therapy; comedy club talk; Not Safe with Nikki Glaser TV show; Bill Burr; F is for Family Netflix show; cursing around children; (Doug Stanhope calls into the podcast); Esther Ku masturbates on her podcast Ku and the Gang; calling a girl “a good kid”; Korean spas; Russian spas; wanting to fuck a female spa employee; you can’t do karaoke in America if you’re white; Korean spas won’t let white women with tattoos in; segregation of cultures; Australia was nationalistic; preserving culture; Bert’s upbringing; Bert thinks Roy Choi was on Joe’s podcast; Korean barbecue; Bert is a conservative liberal; more talk about Bert thinking Roy Choi was on the podcast; Bert is envious of what Joe has done with his podcast; Bert is competitive; dogs fucking stuffed animals; female animals mimic fucking to dominate the males; hyenas; female hyenas have a fake penis; hyenas mating at the zoo video; hunting in Africa; Joe doesn’t want to shoot something he won’t eat; Zimbabwe to cull 200 lions; Joe is bad at math; math and the universe; putting MCT oil in a shake; MCT oil gives you the shits; imagining if you were a wolf; social justice warriors; people trying to get others to think the way they do; black people can make fun of white people; Katt Williams; Katt Williams and Kevin Hart feud; not eating before you go on stage; being called a racist vs. doing something racist by accident; Bert saying “hello boys” to a bathroom full of older black men; people looking for racist things that aren’t racist; Ari Shaffir’s The Amazing Racist videos; accidental racism; The Village movie; The Sixth Sense movie; The Usual Suspects movie; Ronald Mallett and time travel; manipulating bodies; human ear grown on a rat; hiding the cure for AIDS; NVIDIA Tilt Brush on the HTC Vive VR goggles; through virtual reality we will be able to experience DMT; Bert wants to try DMT but is scared; doing the podcast in VR; Samsung Gear VR goggles; you need a good computer for VR; Joe talks about his old computers; Quake III video game; Duncan was addicted to video games; Bert was addicted to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater; future of VR video games; chickens and eggs; the future is a slippery slope; VR will be better than real life; MMORPGs; how to manage VR if it’s better than real life; Joe wants to set up a new studio for VR video; virtual reality and future interactive movies; VR rides at Universal Studios; the future of roller coasters; cricket; soccer; javelina/peccary animal; wild animals are scary; Buffalo Rider/Guy on a Buffalo movie; Bert worked with animals and fought a bear.

My Thoughts: Lots of comedy talk. Talk about Joey Diaz, drinking wine, and eating healthy. Lots of virtual reality technology talk towards the end of the podcast. This is a long one.

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