The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 767 with Mike Baker

Episode Number: 767
Episode Guest: Mike Baker
Original Airdate: March 1, 2016
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Guest Bio: Mike Baker is a former CIA covert operations officer. Currently he is the president of Diligence LLC, a global intelligence and security firm.

Topics Discussed: The Economist magazine cover with Donald Trump as Uncle Sam; people who want to run for president; Idaho; governor race in Connecticut; Bernie Sanders; Hillary Clinton is phony; Hillary’s private email server; Bernie’s policies; no presidential candidates stand out; you’re not allowed to compromise or evolve your thinking as a presidential candidate; socialism; Bernie wanting to tax the wealthy; where the taxes will go if the wealthy are taxed more; Scott Kelly returning to earth and not knowing what’s going on with the presidential candidates; Donald Trump “get in, pussy” meme; goofy white guys are psyched to have Trump as a president; Trump doesn’t stand for anything; Ben Carson; Carson’s painting of himself with Jesus; people want to find a candidate they agree with 100%; Chris Christie endorses Trump; presidents can’t have any secrets today; John F. Kennedy’s secrets; Lyndon Johnson held meetings while taking a shit; getting rid of the two-party system; there shouldn’t be a president anymore; the president isn’t in charge of everything; a lawyer makes decisions on drone strikes for the president; the FBI and CIA can’t get along; the president is like a CEO of a company; we need to know who the president’s team will be; artificial intelligence will govern world policy; Benghazi; president making decisions based on an election coming up; the Middle East; getting the Soviets out of Afghanistan; we don’t learn from our mistakes; ISIS; John McCain debating Obama on Afghanistan; Muammar Gaddafi and Lybia; maintaining balance; the US should be at the top of the food chain; the rest of the world is not America; the US government isn’t trying to fuck everyone; how do we fix the Middle East and bring them up-to-date; we can’t allow extremists to have their own territories; Russian and Iranian influence in Syria; Ayatollah; getting rid of Saddam Hussein was worse; Trump is a birther; people who were delusional about what Obama would do for them as president; the president should be someone with experience and character who will work both sides; the president should have war experience; Obama was good at giving speeches; George W. Bush was a bad speaker; Monopoly board game uses a bank card now; kids and sports and not keeping score; you can be honest to kids in a constructive way; we are trying to coddle people now and shield them from defeat; losing and the fear of defeat motivates you to do better; learning how to lose; being progressive; being tested; Mike explains interrogation training; failure and competition drives success; competition in the car industry fuels innovation; teaching kids to use failure as fuel; Randy Couture told Joe “don’t be afraid to lose”; MMA, UFC, and fighting is absolute; raising kids to think scoring in sports doesn’t matter; parents who live through their kids participating in sports; hockey dad who killed referee of son’s hockey game; the world isn’t a gentle place; Washington state; people who have to deal with nature; nature is humbling; Yellowstone National Park; Mike shooting a show for the Travel Channel; learning where your food comes from; hunting; the world isn’t equal; people who think winning is the only thing; athletes who retire then turn to drugs; fighters who are reluctant to retire; Muhammad Ali; dangers of football compared to MMA; kids should do Jiu Jitsu; Joe’s martial arts background; Joe’s story on how he got into martial arts; moments that change your whole life; finding something that sparks something in you; the belt system in martial arts; Anthony Bourdain and his wife are obsessed with BJJ and he just got his blue belt; you should have to learn how to use a gun before you can buy one; owning a firearm should be a privilege and not a right; people should undergo psychological evaluations before buying a gun; buying a gun and background checks; getting a hunting license; if you own a gun, you should want to be educated on the gun; open carry states; FBI wants Apple to unlock San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone; the balance of security and privacy; the government is collecting metadata but it isn’t enough to help in this situation; no one in the government gives a fuck about your metadata; Apple wins ruling in New York; cell phones in China and the government wants backdoors into the phones; China’s fake Apple stores; China’s economy; Chinese espionage in the United States; Hillary Clinton email controversy; Chinese wants all information about the United States; Edward Snowden and the NSA; Snowden caused a lot of damage; did Snowden do any good; what Snowden leaked is information that everyone already knew; every nation is spying on every other nation; Vladimir Putin; America tries to do the right thing; bringing democracy to other countries doesn’t work; America is a good place to be; America is only a couple hundred years old; the first entry in the book of expenditures was for spies; there’s nothing black and white in the world; humanity needs to evolve; we should get rid of presidents; presidents age fast; Obama went gray quickly; being president is a terrible job; journalists don’t check their facts today; Joe wants to go camping with Obama; you can’t do so much after being a president; Obama using a selfie stick; Mike wants an El Camino; Mike has a Jeep Wagoneer; car auction television shows; car talk; cars from the 1980’s aren’t worth anything; Camero; more El Camino talk; driving with a dog or kids in the back of a truck; rear-facing seats in cars; Toyota FZJ80 Land Cruiser; Osama bin Laden’s will; death of Osama bin Laden; Pakistan helped hide Osama; Zero Dark Thirty movie; how Hollywood does movies about war; Foxcatcher movie and its inaccuracies; frosted tips; Val Kilmer‘s weight; Val Kilmer “remember when I was Batman” meme; Mike’s Val Kilmer story; why did Val Kilmer get fat; women and plastic surgery; what do they do in interrogation school; what an interrogation facility is like and how you interrogate someone; do polygraphs work; interrogation talk; advanced interrogation techniques; torturing people for information doesn’t work; ways to get people to talk; sleep deprivation interrogation; stress positions for interrogation; building a relationship is the best way to get information; Guantanamo Bay; prisoners at Guantanamo would rather stay there than go home and die; Obama wants to close down Guantanamo Bay; it’s easier to kill people than to capture them; civilian casualties and drone strikes; FMRI.

My Thoughts: A lot of political talk about the presidents and war. Talk about kids, sports, and learning how to lose. Talk about the government, technology, and security. Turns into car talk towards the end. Osama bin Laden talk. Interrogation talk. This is a long one.

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