The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 766 with Gad Saad

Episode Number: 766
Episode Guest: Gad Saad
Original Airdate: February 25, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Boll and Branch, ZipRecruiter

Guest Bio: Gad Saad is Professor of Marketing and Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption and author of The Evolutionary Bases of Consumption and The Consuming Instinct.

Topics Discussed: Weather in Canada; weather in California; Gad gives Joe a signed copy of his book because someone called him a Jew for not giving Joe a gift on his last appearance on the podcast, which was Joe’s birthday; internet trolls and freedom of speech; having anonymity online; we’re not accustomed to being anonymous; amount of data produced each day; navigating the overwhelming amount of data online; how do people make a choice; The Most Interesting Man in the World; YouTube autoplaying videos; internet pornography; being overwhelmed by choice; discipline and getting things done; Mercedes Carrera; balancing social activities with activism; women becoming men at Wellesley; Joe thinks Donald Trump will win the presidential race; taxes shouldn’t be raised; there should be free, publicly funded universities; Bernie Sanders; separation between poor black people and white people; social imbalance; Donald Trump thinks Mexico should pay for a wall between the US and Canada, and that it should be 10-feet higher; Ross Perot; the Federal Reserve; Hillary Clinton seems fake while Trump seems real; Justin Trudeau; multiculturalism; ghettoize; niggardly; Canada and Syrian refugees; Cologne, Germany sexual assaults on women on New Year’s Eve; the issue with Syrian refugees isn’t just about them being ISIS members; you shouldn’t be allowed to spew hateful rhetoric based on your religion; “culture” is a bullshit word; cultures are not equal; making all cultures equal; mentally ill people have a voice online; religion has no basis in reality and shouldn’t dominate information; Joe’s friends who left Mormonism; religious fundamentalism; the afterlife; no one knows what happens when you die; moving towards enlightenment; immortality; a meteor just exploded over the Atlantic Ocean; human history has been reset many times throughout history; nuclear glass; the evolutionary roots of religion; Kosher Law; The Paleo Manifesto book; purity rituals and Kosher Law; sex, STDs, and religion; rabbits and the 10-year cycle of breeding; r/K selection theory; evolution of romantic love; sexual dimorphism; animals and monogamy; moral judgement; Mormons and Mexico; polygamy around the world; operational sex ratio; fighter pilots are wife swappers; global penis size; racial differences; there are certain truths you’re not allowed to explore; intelligence between races; Jewish Nobel Prize winners; high expectations for achievement in Jewish and Korean cultures; Gad moving to California and finding a job; judging academics; university isn’t the only way to get an education; the future of education is online; The Great Courses; Robert Sapolsky; cortisol levels; PTSD and stress; athletics and stress; MMA fighters who smile before a fight don’t do well; digit ratio; testosterone of extreme sport athletes and MMA fighters; educated people fighting in MMA; testosterone levels of stand-up comedians before and after a set; stand-up comedy talk; stand-up comedy is like hypnosis; stand-up comedy is based on culture; Steven Wright; alt comedy; stand-up comedy festival charges more for white men to attend; affirmative action; Larry Elder; black children growing up without a father; patterns repeat themselves; Michael A. Wood, Jr. wants to be Baltimore police superintendent; Gad interviewed for a job at a university and couldn’t get the job because he wasn’t a woman; how do you make diversity even; Dartmouth freedom project; we need less losers; Bill Cosby said blacks have to take responsibility for their failures; surround yourself with positive people; Joe talks about moving to New Jersey and not having good friends; it’s hard to overcome the patterns of the past; does Joe still make good friendships; Harvard study on happiness; prisoners and solitary confinement; our need for being around friends; needing hugs; Darwinian psychiatry; Dunbar’s number; loneliness in big cities; is Joe cautious when meeting people and making friends; comics who want Joe to take them under his wing; resentment between comedians; spending time alone and thinking; Gad wants to be friends with a man’s man rather than intellectuals; retired athletes miss the camaraderie of being a part of a team; hunting camps and being surrounded by other men; Joe talks about reward systems again; the idea that being manly is anti-progressive; women want a male archetype; Sweden wants to remove gender pronouns; women want and like aggressive men but only if they’re attracted to them; men and women working together; people laugh when a man is sexual harassed by a woman; rape by fraud or deception; Gad’s video on rape by fraud; negative responses from women on his video; more talk about rape by fraud; Gad says 95% of online dating is rape by fraud; deception is a part of life; women faking orgasms; when is lying a problem; you can’t criminalize human nature; women whose interactions with men haven’t been positive hate men; men fucked over by women become women-haters; women in the work place and women who fend for themselves develop more testosterone; a lot of variables lead to making a person a person; toxic masculinity; Anita Sarkeesian; “sneaky fucker” term; people perceive height as being greater the higher the person’s status; Marco Rubio wears high heels to appear taller; Lionel Messi; Ted Cruz isn’t powerful enough; Bernie Sanders speaks with force; having one leader or president is a stupid idea; there should be a shared government; the figurehead is a bad idea; we’re moving towards the idea of a global community; Arnold Schwarzenegger doing video game commercials; can a former president do commercials; Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have made hundreds of millions of dollars giving speeches; will a president ever be atheist or agnostic; Justin Trudeau praying with Muslims; America is full of people who have escaped the tradition of the past; class systems in other countries; Canadians can’t be knighted; why do Americans form more transient friendships; we’re dealing with a strange and ever-changing world.

My Thoughts: Jumps all over the place from topic to topic. I like Gad Saad. You will too.

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