The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 760 with Doug Duran and Nathan Ihde

Episode Number: 760
Episode Guest: Doug Duran and Nathan Ihde
Original Airdate: February 16, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, NatureBox, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Doug Duren is a passionate hunter, farmer, land manager and conservationist. Nathan Ihde is also a farmer and conservationist living in Wisconsin.

Topics Discussed: use the discount coupon code “JOEROGAN” to save 10% off; organic milk and meat has more omega-3 fatty acids than other milk and meat; Doug talks about different types of cows; different cows produce different butter fats; the shift from normal farming to factory farming; the end of the small family farm; methane and waste produced by cows; how did farming become corporate and inhumane; how Nathan sells his meat; removing the balls from a cow; people are disconnected from where their meat comes from; the hypocrisy of people who eat meat but don’t like where it comes from; killing one of his cows; following government regulations to kill a cow; Driftless Meats and More; The Conscious Carnivore; how many acres it takes to raise a cow; the Cowspiracy guys; connection between veganism and religion; we became human due to our consumption of meat; Doug’s bacon vs. commercially produced bacon; cancer link to red meat; cooking meat they just killed; e. coli in grass-fed beef vs. corn-fed beef; 50,000 deer/car accidents in Michigan; the demand for meat produces poor-quality meat; there are too many people; vegans want everyone to not eat meat; former FBI agents arrested for growing vegetables because the police assumed they were growing marijuana; Ron Finley and urban gardening; Mark Shepherd’s permaculture farm; permaculture farm talk; farming and wildlife; people need to eat a balanced diet; there are too many humans on earth; malaria has killed 50% of all the people who have ever died; Justin Wren had malaria; vegans will kill insects and not care; the hierarchy of living things; no one cares if you kill a rat; Joe tells a story about rats eating another dead rat; Joe tells a story about rats in New York City; pizza rat video; rat attacks pigeon video; Doug had snakes in his house; coyotes; coyotes killing deer; pigs will eat people; coyotes killing Joe’s chickens; trapping coyotes; mountain lions are targeting house pets; Museum of Natural History has a display with a coyote eating a dead cat; people who have been killed by bulls or cows; you are more likely to be killed by a pig than a shark; wild pigs/boars sound like demons and will kill you; we think of wild animals the same way we think of our house pets; eating a beaver; eating a raccoon; cooking a bear; Joe doing The Primal Blueprint diet; ketosis; Joe is losing weight but misses having carbs like pasta; your gut bacteria controls your appetite; how Joe’s desire for food has changed since changing his diet; your body can exist on different types of fuel; probiotics; staph infection; probiotics are like soldiers that fight off infection; organic fertilization on athletic fields; pesticides on golf courses can cause cancer; clover in grass provides nitrogen; cities are awesome but disconnect us from nature; wagyu beef; veal; lutefisk; smelt fish; Cazenovia Turkey Buster Fisheree; big cities lose community; waving to people in small communities; cities are weird; food comes from life; pirates; brake dust; history of Somalian pirates; khat; pollution in the Hudson River; garbage and pollution issues; why they weigh trucks; liquid manure; disposing of waste from septic tanks; pig farm drone video; ag-gag laws; peoples’ ignorance of wolves; wolves in Idaho; wolves kill for fun and are killing machines; there’s no tag limit for wolves in British Columbia; mule deer; making property more wildlife-friendly; naming animals you plan to kill; MeatEater TV show; Steven Rinella; MeatEater Bryan Callen shit on a stick video; turkey hunting; hunting blinds; more talk about hunting; gun scopes; gun talk; The MeatEater Podcast; regretting missed shots; bail blinds that look like a bail of hay; monitoring deer with a flashlight; Shadow Hunter blinds; deer hunting talk; wildlife seasons; archery hunting; crossbow hunting; bow hunting is hard; black powder/musket/muzzleloader hunting; archery is addictive; difference between old and new bows; MeatEater TV show in Bolivia; shooting fish; cooking grass-fed beef; preparing game meat; ethical lines of hunting; ridiculous antlers in deer farms; caging in deer so they grow crazy antlers; high-fence operations; ethical lines of hunting; baiting bears; bears walk quietly.

My Thoughts: Another podcast focused on hunting. Topic rarely ventures away from hunting and meat.

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