The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 759 with Cameron Hanes

Episode Number: 759
Episode Guest: Cameron Hanes
Original Airdate: February 15, 2016
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Guest Bio: Cameron Hanes is a bowhunting athlete, training intensively each and every day to become the ultimate predator.

Topics Discussed: Western Hunting and Conservation Expo; Cameron’s “Filthy Skills” T-shirts; responding to people online who talk shit to them; hunters are conservationists; hunting is part of balancing nature; the Cowspiracy documentary guys; wolves are terrifying killers; World War I cease fire due to wolves; the wolves of Paris; “How Wolves Change Rivers” video; reintroducing lions to Europe; not all ranchers are factory farmers; the Oregon standoff; Penn and Teller Bullshit! episode on PETA; California mountain lions targeting house pets; money that goes to animal and nature conservation comes from hunters; Antelope Island State Park; nature is hard for animals and they don’t live long lives; deer and elk kill each other; killing is a small part of hunting; killing mature animals so younger animals can thrive; nobody cares about fish; all hunters use weapons; vegans feed their animals meat; do vegans grow their own vegetables; harvesting grain kills animals; harvesting timber kills animals; hot dogs are terrible for you; #crueltyfree; why are animal rights activists cruel to other humans; Cameron exercises to prepare for hunting; hunting is hard work; having a connection with the animal you kill; disconnection from food; Joe fishing with his kids; elk; bow hunting; Cameron going on Dr. Drew’s show; wolves kill bears; Sue Aikens stories; women bow hunting; Jim Shockey; Uncharted TV show; hunting crocodile; Carter’s W.A.R. TV show; Louis Theroux’s African Hunting Holiday documentary; paid African hunting trips; if animals don’t have value, they will go extinct; there are more elk than ever before; Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation; there are lots of grizzly bears; moose are killed by bears; life in the wild is brutal; New Jersey “save the bears” billboard; student takes picture of bear right before it kills him; Rockaway, New Jersey bear fight video; bears are moving into neighborhoods because they know people live there and throw out food; brown bears; Joe’s diet;; Bambi changed how people view hunting; anthropomorphizing of animals; plants are intelligent and respond to being eaten; if you eat plants you’re eating life; Manny Pacquiao’s dad ate his dog; being inspired by social media; The Rock; putting out a positive message online; everyone has a voice online and they choose what message they’re putting out there; Gritty Bowman podcast; being positive is better than being negative; negative messages get the most reaction; Zen in the Art of Archery book; bow hunting vs. using a rife; bow hunting has made Cameron who he is; difficult experiences and tasks builds character; making pasta kills animals; one elk will feed you for a year; Joe gives people meat; hunting is absolute; Cameron’s friend Roy died while hunting; hunting sheep is dangerous and difficult; killing larger, older animals is harder and helps the herd; shooting from a long distance; carrying the meat from a dead animal; hunting stories; killing a bear he didn’t want to kill; Cameron misses Roy; Cameron is mad that Roy died; killing is a small part of hunting; more talk about Roy and his death; society today is too easy and makes us weak and feel entitled; dopamine and motivation; the pull towards weakness is strong; doing difficult things makes you feel good; tomorrow isn’t guaranteed; people knocking you down for working hard; Dave Mirra suicide; people criticizing Cameron for lifting weights for hunting; Joe talks about pig hunting in Austin, Texas with Aubrey Marcus and dealing with mosquitoes; Cameron motivates Joe; motivation; Cameron running the Bigfoot 200; motivation is a two-way street; creating a community; chopping someone down because they make you feel weak; discipline is motivating; inspiring people; make a positive difference; disappointment is fuel; taking chances; doing things you suck at; being comfortable while you’re uncomfortable; Joe doing Brazilian jiu jitsu; difficult things are good for you; Cameron doing the Bigfoot 200 marathon and preparing for the race; filming the race; Cameron’s dad was an athlete; calling hunting a sport; athleticism in bow hunting.

My Thoughts: All hunting talk. Cameron gets choked up talking about his friend Roy who died while hunting. Lots of talk about inspiration.

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