The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 758 with Tom Papa

Episode Number: 758
Episode Guest: Tom Papa
Original Airdate: February 9, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, Dollar Shave Club,, ZipRecruiter, Onnit

Guest Bio: Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. Tom has a great story on This Is Not Happening here.

Topics Discussed: Building a new studio; downtown Los Angeles; earthquakes; earthquake emergency kits; Yeti coolers; brining a ham; switching to solar power; it’s hard to cut off from the power grid; difficulty getting a rebate for buying a Tesla charger; Tesla cars; cars and automated driving; Michael Hastings death conspiracy; Joe Biden and plagiarism; remotely killing someone with their car; prescription drug abuse; cigarettes; smoking looks cool; pipes and cigars; The Seven Five documentary; Cuban cigars; girls who don’t have girl friends/guys with no guy friends; Animal House guitar smashing scene video; Bikram yoga founder sexual assault allegations; yoga is a cult; yoga is sensual; copyright claims on Bikram yoga; yoga studio porn; massages; Thai massages; masseuses who come to your house; massages with happy endings; John Travolta massage penis touching; American Crime Story TV show; Narcos Netflix show; Pablo Escobar talk; Netflix shows; Making a Murderer Netflix show; Soaked in Bleach documentary; Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck documentary; Joe’s heroin addict pool player friend; Don “Waterdog” Edwards; Joe’s pool player friend who was stealing credit cards; Joe’s addiction to pool; doing comedy in New York City; doing East Coast comedy shows; it’s expensive to live in New York City; blockbusting; more pool hall stories; becoming good at pool; three-cushion billiards; chess; playing chess online; chess in newspapers; Joe is doing The Primal Blueprint Diet; difficulty eating healthy food at restaurants; other diets Joe has tried; gluten converts into sugar; processed sugar is bad for you; Tom makes sourdough bread; process for making sourdough bread; Egyptians lost their teeth from bread due to sand in the flour; woman made sourdough bread using yeast from her vagina; picture of a tree root that grew in Joe Rogan’s toilet; growing your own weed; Joe could feel the intelligence from marijuana plants; Joe is thinking about starting an edible factory in Denver, Colorado; the amount of security you would need for running a marijuana business; the presidential candidates; Bernie Sanders; Donald Trump; Ted CruzHillary Clinton; Bernie Sanders/Hillary Clinton Olive Garden meme; Al Gore; the debates avoid cigarettes because of the money tobacco companies donate; New Hampshire heroin problem; Prescription Thugs documentary; people who have been drugged; Bill Cosby rape allegations; CeeLo Green sexual assault allegations; men who hate women; men who have to support women after divorce; bad divorce laws; story of Dave Foley‘s divorce; marriage is dumb; marriage is like a business; story of husband who secretly divorced his wife in the Dominican Republic four months after wedding to protect his assets; women think they won the lottery when they marry a rich guy; prenuptial agreements; another story about a friend of Joe’s who got divorced; husbands are responsible for maintaining the wife’s lifestyle after a divorce; the men’s rights movement; Dave Foley’s life is ruined because of his ex-wife; Joe’s parents’ divorce; Joe told Phil Hartman to leave his wife; Carl La Bove and Sam Kinison’s love triangle story; life is hard for women, except when it comes to divorce; The Beatles bring millions of dollars to Liverpool’s economy each year; Joe and Tom are old; age is just a number; at what age does the body break down; lifting weights and doing yoga is important as you age; maintaining a level of activity and maintenance is important; yoga is really good for you; getting high and doing yoga; Tom’s problems with his body; sleeping on your stomach is bad for you; sitting on a thick wallet is bad for you; mobility balls; marijuana ramps up your feeling and sensations; chiropractors are bullshit; rolfing; dad bods; marijuana hurt Tom’s comedy career; different types of marijuana; chewing coffee beans; coffee beans are healthy for you; dabs; Joe gets high and goes on stage; (Joe tries to get Tom to smoke weed); do Joe’s kids know he smokes weed; Joe drinks wine in front of his kids; Hawaii’s meth problem; Hawaii is beautiful; Joe swam with dolphins in Hawaii; shark attacks in Hawaii; 2015 was a record year for shark attacks; helicopter crashes in Hawaii; fishing in Hawaii; ono fish; fresh fish is amazing; dry-aged meat; Tom is going to Africa; Game of Thrones editor was killed by a lion; fenced-in African safaris; chimps have entered the Stone Age; chimpanzee testicle size compared to their brains; Joe was going to visit Paris but decided against it; antisemitism in Paris video; Paris terrorist attacks; Joe can’t sightsee when visiting a city due to work; exercising while on the road; doing yoga on the road; listening to or watching a recorded set; Irvine Improv; driving your car in the ocean; car thief in Perth, Australia drives into the ocean to evade police video; chickens are selectively bred; Mongolians using eagles to hunt for wolves; training a bird; early humans were likely eaten by eagles; terror bird; terror bird pictures; Tom’s cat is killing birds; Joe’s chickens were killed by coyotes; cats can get diabetes; people feed cats vegan food; clickbait articles.

My Thoughts: Strangely, lots of talk about sourdough bread. Lots of divorce talk. Tom’s a good guest. Worth a listen.

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