The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 756 with Kyle Kingsbury

Episode Number: 756
Episode Guest: Kyle Kingsbury
Original Airdate: February 4, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Blue Apron, NatureBox, Ting, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Kyle Kingsbury is a retired professional mixed martial artist. He competed in King of the Cage & the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and was also on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir.

Topics Discussed: Higher Primate fanny packs; Kyle’s fanny pack; clothes made of Kevlar; reporter stabbed during knife-proof vest demonstration video; knife fighting; knife fights in movies; cocaine; Narcos Netflix show; Netflix shows; regular TV sucks; commercials suck; commercials playing during TV shows; Joe is trying a ketogenic diet; getting hate on social media; getting a headache from starting a ketogenic diet; MCT oil makes you shit yourself; butter coffee; heavy whipping cream; ancestral diet; Grain Brain book; gluconeogenesis; eating high fat, moderate protein, low carbs; intermittent fasting; Primal Endurance book; ketogenic diet for epilepsy; Dr. Domenic D’Agostino; ketone energy drinks; Kyle’s ketogenic diet; the difference he feels from being on a ketogenic diet; The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance book; running while eating a ketogenic diet; we evolved to go long periods of time without food and still have energy; persistence hunting; he started this life after fighting; he’s going to be in the Mafia 3 video game; Mafia 3 video game trailer video; graphics in video games today; video game developers work long and hard; focusing your time on the things that are important; starting martial arts late in life; Daniel Cormier’s and Jon Jones’ wrestling backgrounds; mastering a single martial art; building a fighter up slowly; why he started training martial arts at 26; football compared to martial arts; his first fights; moving to train at AKA; what he would do if he could do it differently; using fear of being unprepared as fuel and motivation; starting to meditate after taking ayahuasca; Wim Hof and his breathing techniques; inspiration is fuel; energy is real but where does it come from; Valerie Hunt’s Infinite Mind book; Radiolab “9-Volt Nirvana” podcast episode; binaural beats; flow state; exhaustion; NewsRadio writers writing while exhausted; improving his diet and nutrition while fighting; serotonin is made by our gut bacteria; wild salmon; you shouldn’t eat ocean-caught salmon sashimi due to parasites; food changes the color of your skin; bears eating blueberries turns their flesh blue; people can be depressed because they eat garbage and don’t exercise; going on prescription drugs and going off them later; Propecia can lead to depression and erectile dysfunction; overcoming periods of life that suck; Kyle’s shoulder injury; Hylenex treatment; Kyle’s dad got his black belt at 63; Anthony Bourdain starting jiu jitsu at 57; you can get addicted to good things like jiu jitsu; marathon runners’ pee can look like Coca-Cola after a race; Cameron Hanes training for hunting; 200-mile marathons; Kyle wanting to do a marathon; how Kyle healed his shoulder; Kelly Starrett; stiffness and the importance of being mobile; fighting and being fluid; how he fought in the gym compared to the Octagon; fighting (and winning) while sick; Kyle talks about some of his UFC fights; what led him to retire; fighting and working a job; losing the desire to fight; taking ayahuasca and DMT and fighting afterwards; still having the desire to fight; long-term damage from fights; damage after the Glover Teixeira fight and not knowing where the locker room was; quitting drinking; negative effects of drinking; using marijuana instead of alcohol; booze is fun but abused; abusing marijuana; repercussions of alcohol over time; hangover-free alcohol; side-effects of cutting weight; damage to the liver from fighting; Bill Romanowski‘s Neuro1; nootropics; mental fatigue can contribute to physical fatigue; fasting; monitoring his blood ketones; (Kyle takes Joe’s blood to test using a device that diabetics use); makiwara striking posts; Joe has low blood ketones; more talk about ketones; milk is loaded with carbs; fat/protein/carb ratios; blood ketone meters and strips; gaining and losing weight; calories are not all the same; carbohydrates; Gatorade is funding studies on carbohydrates; feeling awesome; Kyle talks again about ayahuasca; feeling complacent and convincing yourself you’re happy; Joe talks again about the woman who’s 70 lbs. overweight but convinced herself she’s happy and healthy; eating clean before doing ayahuasca; fat people don’t know any better; negative associations; men who hate or love women; feminists/men’s rights activists are usually old and fat and haven’t had success with the opposite sex; some people get a shitty roll of the dice; people find enemies to distract themselves; negativity and hate towards MMA fighters from “fans”; hate Ryan Bader received after his loss to Anthony “Rumble” Johnson; a lot of fighters smoke pot; technology, the future, and artificial reality; Strange Days movie; the feeling of being alone in the woods; cities are strange but awesome in a new way we’re adjusting to; the beach and the ocean makes you feel better; how does nature make you feel better; negative ions; connection between mind and body; Kyle has seen trees communicating with one another; venus flytraps perform calculations; plants have souls; Kyle’s ayahuasca visions about eating natural; gorillas eating plants; visions of factory farming and animals suffering; The Cove movie; factory farming is necessary to feed everyone; Food Inc. documentary; organic food; ag-gag laws; pig farm drone video; foie gras; chicken farming and trucks; farms and livestock now vs. then; free range and grass-fed food is too expensive for most people; what is grass-fed organic food; the movement towards making more conscious food choices; there are 100 million more people in the US now compared to the 1970s; Joe talks about going to his daughter’s assembly at school; the warmth, connection, and love from a child; looking at people as if they’re babies; people won’t invest in fixing their lives and are acting on momentum; searching for growth; inspiring people; doing LSD; The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide book; microdosing; Joe plans to do LSD with Duncan Trussell; eating marijuana and going in the isolation tank; DMT compared to edible marijuana; Joe talks about seeing jokers/jesters on DMT; finding lessons while high; eating marijuana compared to smoking it; more drug trip talk; seeing visions of cartoons fucking; floating in an isolation tank; epsom salt baths; Kyle talks about floating overnight; eating mushrooms and floating; doing mushrooms; Kyle talks about eating 7g of mushrooms on the beach; worrying that people are going to fight you; playing into your negative thoughts; cops and people who deal with the police; looking at yourself from the outside; there are no perfect people; bad experiences don’t define you; story about Joe’s friend who accused his neighbor of slashing his car tires and later found out he had hit a curb; objectivity and introspective thought is important.

My Thoughts: If you love ayahuasca, psychedelics, floating, and ketones/ketosis, listen to this podcast! Lots of woo-woo talk about energy and negative ions.

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