The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 754 with Brian Redban

Episode Number: 754
Episode Guest: Brian Redban
Original Airdate: February 2, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, Squarespace, MeUndies,, Onnit

Guest Bio: Brian Redban is a stand-up comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Also, check out his newest podcast called What Brian Redban Do at and on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Bruce Buffer hurt his ACL announcing a UFC fight; the Buffer 360 at UFC 100; knee injuries; shoulder injuries; Brian trying to lose weight; irritable bowel syndrome; eating for your type of body; ancestral eating; eliminating sugar and inflammatory foods; curing depression with exercise; sleeping in a blacked out room; Kentucky blue people; the man who turned blue on Oprahblue lava from Indonesian volcano; California’s natural gas leak; it’s amazing we’ve made roads; nature is amazing; mountains won’t exist in 100 years; preserving nature; bears and cougars getting used to humans; Brian stealing his neighbor’s WiFi; Brian using Airplay to make his neighbor watch videos; wireless signals effect on the body; cat’s senses; cats think cucumbers are snakes videos; cats and litter boxes; cutting a cat’s hair; cats adjusting to other cats in the home; Joe’s cats; training cats to use toilets; Robert Schimmel; comics who die or retire; stand-up comedy is hard; Joe’s obsessions; archery; a bow and arrow is a weapon; airplane rules and weapons; pool cues; hitting someone with a pool cue; people who collect bugs; catching a fish; eating animals; animals don’t care about humans; reading the minds of animals; wolves killing elk; dogs killing chickens; British Columbia is hunting wolves with helicopters; using dogs to kill rats in New York; people fucking chickens; chickens piss and shit out of one hole; Mike Rowe; Joe seeing rats in New York; Joe’s cat killed a rat; cats demanding affection; American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson TV show; murder and investigation of JonBenet Ramsey; autopsy TV shows; Pasadena, California suicide bridge; Dinner in the Sky; Redban doing Joey Diaz’s podcast; Lee and Joey eating acid on the podcast; doing a peyote ceremony; peyote; mescaline; Quaalude; Bill Cosby rape accusations; the trauma of being raped; Brian gets way drunker now that he’s losing weight; alcohol tolerance and blackouts; it’s crazy that you can buy alcohol but not marijuana; legality of marijuana; marijuana DUIs are surpassing alcohol DUIs; driving high vs. driving drunk; testing for marijuana; caffeine in a Monster Energy drink; bad drivers; panic attacks from weed; thinking about life while high; downloading our consciousness; removing parts of our consciousness; becoming a car or a home appliance; replicating your consciousness; creating a robot sex doll of a celebrity; Black Mirror TV show; Willie Nelson had stem cell surgery; smoking will become popular again if we can cure cancer and heal lungs; cigarettes on airplanes; comedy bits about cigarettes taking time off your life; comedians having similar bits and premises; comedy TV show sketches; Amy Schumer plagiarism accusations; Dave Attell asks comedians if they have bits similar to his; how do you find out if someone has a similar bit or sketch; can you copyright jokes; sketch comedy writers stealing premises from stand-up comedy bits; roast comedy and TV shows; Patrick Swayze died from cigarettes; Brian smoking cigarettes; Roadhouse movie; Roadhouse remake with Ronda Rousey; Ronda on Saturday Night Live; working too much; the desire to succeed; white water rafting; Joe’s friend Remi Warren seeing someone drowning; country singer Craig Strickland died of hypothermia; video of lightning striking in front of men filming a wild storm; Remi Warren was struck by lightning as a child; Brian’s close call with lightning; The Terminator movie; teleporting; car accidents; The Fly movie remake; Jeff Goldblum; Sunset Blvd. movie; Sunset Strip documentary; Rainbow Bar and Grill; video billboards should be illegal; Times Square video billboards; Las Vegas video billboards; Cirque du Soleil; parkour; (they watch random parkour videos); virtual reality MMA in a building rather than the Octagon; MMA with weapons; (they talk about podcast problems and crashing); TriCaster; 4K video and a lack of content due to bandwidth limitations; T-Mobile’s Binge On; wireless charging; Joe thinks people are fat because we’re eating WiFi signals; the rise and causes of autism; marijuana and schizophrenia; crazy girls/guys are the best in bed; Dirty Dancing movie; large clits that look like penises; having sex with strangers before an asteroid destroys the earth; Ms. Parker from the Friday movie; wanting to have a different body than the one you have; acceptance of posing nude or doing porn; what if Apple started selling porn; the iPhone can be hacked with a photo of your thumb; tracking people through their cell phones; employers telling employees what they can do in their off time; employers drug testing employees; Netflix offers employees unlimited vacation time; Narcos Netflix show; Pablo Escobar was insane; two safes were found at Pablo Escobar’s former home; Colombia is beautiful and safe now; drones are being used to smuggle drugs.

My Thoughts: Nice, light, old school podcast with Joe and Brian. Under three hours, too. Lots of comedy talk.

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