The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 753 with Hannibal Buress

Episode Number: 753
Episode Guest: Hannibal Buress
Original Airdate: January 27, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Boll and Branch, Squarespace, ZipRecruiter, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Hannibal Buress is a stand-up comedian, actor, television writer and host. His latest special Comic Camisado premieres on February 5, 2016 on Netflix.

Topics Discussed: Comedians going to Netflix to release their comedy specials; Narcos Netflix show; free T-shirts Hannibal got; what it’s like for him after he called Bill Cosby a rapist; #CosbyMeme; people are mad at him for the Cosby stuff; Neil DeGrasse Tyson and B.O.B. rap battle; B.O.B. and Tila Tequila think the earth is flat; Hannibal doing Gathering of the Juggalos with Tila Tequila; going to the AVN Awards; admitting to liking porn is controversial; porn only makes money from hotel rooms; no penetration or cum shots in hotel room porn; what makes a good porn director; Joe went to a porn movie premiere; a porn star’s date at the premiere didn’t know his girlfriend was a porn star; Nina Hartley; guys staying hard on porn sets; Viagra; Amy Schumer plagiarism accusations; creating similar bits without knowing of the original material; sketch show writers stealing bits from comedians for their TV shows; smoking weed; doing Snoop Dogg’s show; Ari Shaffir’s controversy; Amy Schumer is a star now; there’s an originality problem with Amy Schumer’s material; Key and Peele are original; people like comedians for their unique voice; Bill Burr’s “Arnold Schwarzenegger was a great man” bit; has anybody stolen bits from Hannibal; what happens if a comedian steals material and gets big; Amy burned through a lot of her material by doing the show; if it wasn’t Amy Schumer, people would be furious at the comedian for stealing material; writers stealing material; writers holding back material for their own bits; parallel thinking; wanting to have a wife and kid for the material; comedians doing the same bit about Wang Wei; people stealing bits for memes without credit; Fat Jew stealing jokes; Fat Jew makes $150,000 for a Bar Mitzvah; rich people hiring musicians for their small private parties; Dana White hiring Scott Weiland for his party; doing stand-up at a party; Hannibal doing a private party; doing a meet-and-greet; doing stand-up at Tulalip Resort Casino; Bill Cosby made people watch him eat his dinner and wanted someone to tuck him in; what Joe does after a show; taking pictures and meeting fans after a show; people wanting to have a conversation after a show; did Hannibal get heckled after calling Bill Cosby a rapist; dealing with hecklers; The Ice House is the oldest comedy club; The Comedy Store; Dave Chappelle; The Comedy Cellar; little clubs; theaters; Ronda Rousey on Saturday Night Live; Saturday Night Live isn’t that funny; Phil Hartman was negative about SNL; Phil would get high and go sailing; Phil Hartman stories; craft services; having sex more than once; is it hard for drunk girls to cum; story about guy blowing $20,000 in Vegas; Robert De Niro is making shitty movies; The Intern movie; Dirty Grandpa movie; old actors don’t make as much money; Robin Williams didn’t have much money before he died; Family Feud TV show; Hannibal would host a game show; how Joe got the Fear Factor job; Joe got high while doing Fear Factor; story about a girl taking pictures after hooking up with Hannibal; dating a famous girl; people sharing too much on social media; selling an image of yourself; Jim Gaffigan and his clean material; being Catholic; Joe going to Catholic school; gay guys becoming priests; Catholicism is an organization; Pope Benedict XVI hiding priests who sexually abuse kids; Pope Francis; priests and sexual abuse; trying to get laid; getting a girl because of your car; Uber drivers hitting on girls; Uber and taxi drivers talk to much; comedian driving an Uber that Hannibal got in who tried to pitch him ideas; Joe drives himself everywhere to avoid drivers talking to him; stories about bad Uber drivers on their phones; Mercedes’ self-driving car; Brody Stevens’ Periscoping; new Apple TV; sales for the iPhones are down; Samsung and Android phones; JBS bar in Japan; Hannibal tells a story about dealing with a drunk girl in Japan; regular people are sensitive and comics are tough; New York comics compared to Los Angeles comics; Hannibal won’t talk to a comic because of a joke they said to him about not wearing a seat belt after he got in a car accident; timing of jokes; his car accident and injuries; how he feels about cars today; getting older and growing up; people who call him by his character names; Joe talks about meeting a celebrity and getting blown off by him; being nice to excited or drunk fans; being appreciative; Hannibal’s new special.

My Thoughts: Another good episode like the Stanhope one. Joe drinks beers with Hannibal and has a nice casual conversation. Only 2.5 hours!

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