The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 752 with Mark Sisson

Episode Number: 752
Episode Guest: Mark Sisson
Original Airdate: January 26, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Squarespace, LegalZoom, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Mark Sisson is a fitness author and blogger and a former distance runner, triathlete and Ironman competitor. His latest book Primal Endurance is available now on Amazon.

Topics Discussed: A brief history of him and wanting to be healthy; how we screwed up our genes; being an endurance athlete breaks down your body; carb loading; glycogen; The Lore of Running book; Tim Noakes; science denies new information; sugar causes inflammation; what is inflammation; foods that cause inflammation; heart disease is from inflammation; Mark had arthritis from food; other problems Mark suffered from that were caused by inflammation from food; how genes can be turned on and off; importance of sleep; vitamin D and the sun; importance of sun exposure; baby oil and iodine for suntanning; how grains cause an inflammatory response in the body; glucose; going gluten-free; article Joe read about a 70-year-old woman who accepted that she’s fat; the ideal body composition; losing weight and hitting a plateau; emotional armor prevents people from losing weight; importance of maintaining muscle mass; old people’s bodies; the body needs to want to change; changing patterns is hard; coconut butter; intermittent fasting; the body storing excess sugar and carbs as fat; the body learning to burn fat more efficiently; mitochondria and restricting carbohydrates; lifting weights and sprints makes you lean; effects of having more mitochondria; hunger runs our lives; eat when you’re hungry, don’t eat when you’re not hungry; Mark’s body fat; his exercise routine; ultimate frisbee; overtraining; training ketogenic; ketones; MMA fighters need glycogen; power to weight ratio; regulating sugar in the body; fruit isn’t good for you; vegetables are the ideal source of carbohydrates; fasting after a workout; developing a post-workout drink; insulin and growth hormones; negative effects of hard workouts; benefits of doing more exercise to increase your conditioning; becoming mentally tough; monitoring your heart rate; the heart getting thicker and more muscular isn’t good; exercising, having fun, and avoiding injury; paddling; joint and spine injuries and reducing inflammatory foods; mitigating arthritis by changing his diet; other ways to reduce inflammation through diet; the way the body processes oils; fish oil; types of omega fatty acids; it’s more about what you don’t eat and not about what you do eat; Joe’s Hulk loads kale shakes; pears and mangoes; gross things Joe ate on Fear Factor; cheese would make things disgusting on Fear Factor; Joe has seen a lot of people puke; lobster is an insect; shellfish are related to roaches; Exo Bars made with cricket flour; would vegans eat bugs; vegans won’t eat honey; are there nutritional benefits to being vegan; what plants have (almost) full amino acid profiles; how he starts his morning based on how hungry he is; what he eats in the morning; we don’t need mass amounts of protein; the powerlifting mentality of consuming protein; sugars in supplements and bars; honey is a form of sugar; what he eats for dinner; waygu beef; grass-fed whey protein is marketing; grass-fed vs. corn-fed cows; grain-finished cows; what he drinks; Mark doesn’t agree with drinking a lot of water each day; drinking distilled water depletes your body of minerals; Mark stopped drinking wine; Mark replaced wine with non-alcoholic beer; paleo wines don’t give you hangovers or cause you to wake up in the night; the term “paleo” carries too much baggage; things are added to wine which ultimately cause hangovers; wine has too much sugar in it; more wine talk; wine and resveratrol; exogenous ketones; people should cut down on sugar significantly; what he recommends for people who have a bad diet; how long until the body reaches the optimal level of mitochondria; take the day off from exercising if you don’t feel like it; exercising is addictive and you can experience withdrawal.

My Thoughts: This was a bore to me. Don’t listen unless you want to hear that everything you eat is garbage and that you should eat like a caveman.

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