The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 751 with Doug Stanhope

Episode Number: 751
Episode Guest: Doug Stanhope
Original Airdate: January 25, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, El Yucateco hot sauce, MVMT Watches,  Onnit

Guest Bio: Doug Stanhope is a stand-up comedian, writer, and TV host, also currently hosting his own podcast, The Doug Stanhope Shotclog Podcast.

Topics Discussed (Post Podcast): B.O.B. thinks the earth is flat; Tila Tequila thinks the earth is flat; what do you call an album; Aerosmithconspiracy theory that Steven Tyler didn’t sing some Aerosmith songs; Cheap Trick; Limp Bizkit; admitting you like terrible bands; Nickelback; Poison; music that lacks authenticity; Dwight Yokam acoustic; fighters’ walk out songs; Johil de Oliveira burned by pyrotechnics in Pride FC; John Lewis; popularity and evolution of MMA; Keith Hackney vs. Emmanuel Yarbrough; why are some people so fat; at one time gaining weight quickly was useful; people who eat garbage and don’t gain weight; nature vs. nurture; free will.

Topics Discussed: Doing ads; Squarespace; Lumosity is bullshit; only promoting things you like; promoting things for free; Doug’s podcast; starting a comedy club in Bisbee, Arizona; Joe and Doug almost getting gay married on The Man Show; men in their 40s who get divorced; thinking about death; comedians drinking heavily and smoking; Dom Irrera; Impractical Jokers; Ahmed Ahmed almost fought Travis Barker on Punk’d; stealing funny catchphrases from people; Eddie Bravo getting telemarketer calls for pharmaceuticals; Joe’s grandpa was addicted to buying things from catalogs after his wife died; Hoarders and Intervention TV shows; people and addictions; Joe’s grandpa worked in a factory where they made parts for the atomic bomb; Doug’s parents; their parents on The Man Show skits; Doug’s mom drinking alcohol and cough syrup; getting fucked up on cough syrup; Joe taking morphine and Nyquil; Vicodin; Joey Diaz and cocaine; Joe drinking tea made with coca leaves; Fen-Phen; girls underdressing for the weather so they look good; girl died after leaving house party in shorts; the power of a girl with a hot body; female celebrities not wearing underwear who were caught by the paparazzi; Doug’s sagging balls; Amy Schumer; Joey Diaz as “Joey Karate” with no shirt on; Amy Schumer being told she’s the voice of women and her increasing popularity; Joe and Doug getting compared to Bill Hicks; comedians imitating other comedians; finding your voice; Mitch Hedberg jokes; Doug reminisces about Mitch; Doug trying to get a hooker in Surrey, British Columbia; Vancouver, British Columbia; homeless and junkies in BC; Salt Lake City, Utah; Mormons; Mountain Meadows Massacre; Mitt Romney’s family, Mexico, and Mormonism; David Koresh; religion and government; looking up hookers online; credit card fraud; money doesn’t mean anything anymore; we will get to a point where there’s no more money; worrying about the future because you have children; technology and innovation; the poverty line; the problem with getting things for free; Lars Ulrich; Napster; how does Joe find time to do everything; Joe doing what he wants; the goal in life is to do what you want; does Joe relax; visiting Costa Rica; javalina/peccary; Doug hates Burger King; McDonald’s introduces all-day breakfast; Doug doesn’t exercise; Joe’s knee surgery; Doug’s hernias; catheters; Joe’s surgeries; athletes and surgeries; steroids and recovery; Joe has to do physical activities; Jack and Coke; Jack Daniel’s Frank Sinatra commercial; they once thought cigarettes were good for you; Joe thinks Doug will die from cigarettes; Doug’s happiness; obsessive struggle; Joe shooting arrows; Joe exercising; doing what you want to do vs. what you should do; Joe doesn’t have an assistant; wanting to be a professional comic; Doug going to a UFC event with Joe; Top Five movie; being friends with Dave Chappelle; Joey Diaz not showing up for shows; Otto and George; Otto and George stories; story of Joe spilling gasoline all over the ground near some guy who’s smoking; Doug’s fear of balloons and things that blow up; e-cigarettes that blow up; Uber for babysitters; being scared of driving; drinking limits inhibitions; distrusting people who don’t drink; Joe dumped a girl who got too drunk; shaming people; things Joey Diaz has done wrong; people are afraid of former criminals; Joey Diaz bailed on Doug; Joey Diaz bailed on Joe; comics are fuck-ups; being a functional level of fucked up; Brendon Walsh; Joe taking Ari Shaffir on tour with him; Joey couldn’t go to Colorado to do stand-up or enter Seattle; Duncan Trussell has a Mercedes; comics who are dicks; Eddie Griffin; there are no big personalities in comedy anymore; Andrew “Dice” Clay; Doug says he’s better than Bill Hicks; Lenny Bruce; Joe gave Doug DMT and Doug was foaming at the mouth; Make Me Hard skit on The Man Show; Joe wanted to introduce each episode of The Man Show with Joey Diaz running out on stage naked; dealing with the network while making The Man Show; Joe writing blogs and turning them into bits; not doing two shows per night; differences between alcohol and pot; doing ADR (additional dialogue recording) for TV shows; Mellow Yellow song and drink; Doug doesn’t care about the Super Bowl; Peyton Manning; George Foreman; athletes who are funny; people who judge what you say when they know you’re a comedian; Doug heckling a boxing match with Joe; Doug did telemarketing with Freddie Roach; Parkinson’s disease; cerebral palsy; Joe admires that Doug is always trying to have fun; you shouldn’t have to try in a relationship; the problems with counselling; pot edibles and isolation tanks are counselling; alcohol frees you from the nonsense; the ceremony of drinking alcohol; visiting the place you grew up; reliving the fear of high school; Doug running for president; similarities between politicians and comedians; using Donald Trump for material if he was president; thinking Obama becoming president would bring change; Narcos on Netflix; The Staircase documentary; Amy Schumer being accused of plagiarism; sketch show writers stealing bits from comedians for sketches; people who have stolen bits from Doug; you’re better off coming up with your own ideas; acknowledging another comedian’s bit if yours is similar; Joe ruined Carlos Mencia‘s career; Carlos stealing everyone’s bits; Greg Fitzsimmons and Doug had a similar bit; Doug checking with Bill Burr about doing a similar bit; Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast; Joey Diaz and Bill Burr are their favorite comedians; Tony Stewart runs over Kevin Ward during a car race; football is assault; Donald Brashear/Marty McSorley hockey incident; Doug has a comedy club in his house and shot a special there; comedians sharing a podcast they recorded together; Radley Balko; Rise of the Warrior Cop book; comedians, ideas, and bits; ideas passed through genetics; Brian Hennigan’s Patrick Robertson book; Doug’s Digging Up Mother book; Joe thinks Doug should move to Los Angeles.

My Thoughts: Joe got drunk and high and recorded a short 40 minute podcast/ad read with Jamie after Doug left. It’s not on YouTube so you’ll have to download the MP3 from iTunes, your favorite Android podcast program, or using the direct link below. This short podcast with Jamie is at the beginning of the episode though it was recorded after Doug left.

The podcast with Joe and Doug is great. Just two guys hanging out, talking, and drinking. Listen to it.

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