The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 744 with Tom Segura

Episode Number: 744
Episode Guest: Tom Segura
Original Airdate: January 6, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Skurt, LegalZoom, National Academy of Sports Medicine, OnnitCaveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Tom Segura is a stand-up comedian and hosts his own podcast with his wife Christina Pazsitzky called Your Mom’s House. His new special Mostly Stories debuts January 8, 2016 on Netflix.

Topics Discussed: People listening to podcasts at work; Joe wanted to be a psychologist but didn’t want to deal with peoples’ problems; “problems make my dick soft”; people who burden you with their problems; double dates; people who can’t tell a story; people who take sleeping pills then don’t remember doing things; you don’t get real sleep on sleeping pills; Michael Jackson never had a childhood; overbearing dads; using bullying as motivation; Herschel Walker and his outrageous claims about exercising and eating; cycling; people who run ultra marathons; runners’ toenails fall off; what are nails for; world’s longest fingernails; guys don’t like skinny girls but girls want to be skinny; Throatzilla; Superhead; Your Mom’s House podcast episode with Throatzilla; girls who are eating guys’ asses; Tom licked Hershey’s chocolate syrup from a girl’s butthole; guys who like girls to use strap-ons on them; guys who like transgender guys/girls; what we accept from society; what country makes the most porn; condoms in porn; girls don’t want guys to cum in their hair; why do guys want to cum on a girl’s face; Max Hardcore made a girl drink his cum out of another girl’s ass with a straw; there’s enough porn and no more needs to be made; Kendra Lust; guys who get obsessed with a porn star; porn stars who escort; is it worse to be a porn star or an escort; girls who go to Dubai to prostitute themselves; laws in Dubai; cars in Dubai; alcohol and hookers in Dubai; Redban starting his new podcast; All Things Comedy; doing live podcasts; realizing not all entertainment is made for you; Bill Cosby’s lawyer debating the allegations; Oprah; why do people want to defend Bill Cosby; Bernie Sanders’ ideas on tax reform; Bernie Sanders thinks America is choking on choice; people should be able to make a living wage; Obamacare is a disaster; medicine should be free for everyone; public schools suck; Donald Trump would be worth more if he invested the money his dad gave him; Donald Trump talks shit about people who don’t like him; Donald Trump tweets about Ronda Rousey; Joe was offered to go on The Celebrity Apprentice; Donald Trump is a smart guy but says crazy shit; Donald Trump’s TV ad; Ben Carson’s thoughts on evolution; Sarah Palin on evolution; Obama’s vacations; James Adomian as Bernie Sanders debating Donald Trump; gender pronoun talk; Harvard’s gender pronouns; kids aren’t allowed to lose anymore; tee-ball; hitting a home run; Jeb Bush; Hillary Clinton and Christie Brinkley are the same age; Christie Brinkley is 60 and still hot; stem cell therapy and collagen; Dual Survival TV show; Cody Lundin’s feet; human ball size adapts based on how many promiscuous women in the area; chimp and ape balls; Sperm Wars book; Joe fishing in Mexico and watching a feeding frenzy; eating an ono fish in Hawaii; visiting Mexico; pollution in Mexico; largest cities in the world; China’s cities and population; Soaked in Bleach documentary; Netflix original programming; The Killing TV show; House of Cards Netflix show; Fargo TV show; Apple TV; curved TVs; Joe doesn’t like big TVs; Joe doesn’t like projectors; 4K TVs; Tom’s new Netflix special Mostly Stories; Tom’s doctor story from his last special Completely Normal; whenever Joe gets in his car it plays Tom Segura’s album over Bluetooth; Tom’s Thrilled album; Bill Burr’s F is for Family Netflix show; animated shows can get away with more than regular shows; today is the best time for TV; TV shows are better than movies; actors pretending to be fighters in movies; Daniel Day Lewis is the only guy Joe has seen in a movie that looks like a real boxer; DDL’s method acting; Lincoln movie; people are sick of historical dramas; Making a Murderer Netflix show; Radiolab “Reasonable Doubt” podcast episode; a gay guy wanted Joe to perform naked at a nudist colony; Joe working out at a gay gym; rolling with gay guys; girls don’t have pubic hair anymore; spitting out pubic hairs; browsing the porno section at a video store; when and why did porn stars start shaving their pubic hair; the progression of pornography to gonzo and Max Hardcore; manscaping your genitals; waxing/shaving your butthole; wiping your butt after having it waxed; Joe shaving his ass; Thursday Lane marries a fart video; comedians are crazy people; vlogging with a video camera.

My Thoughts: A little too much political talk for my tastes, but an episode with Tom is always worth listening to. Surprisingly, there’s basically no talk about Tom’s new baby. Lots of sex, porn, and farting talk.

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