The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 742 with Aubrey Marcus

Episode Number: 742
Episode Guest: Aubrey Marcus
Original Airdate: January 4, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Mizzen+Main, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Aubrey Marcus is writer, entrepreneur, and adventurer. He also hosts his own podcast available for download via iTunes called The Aubrey Marcus Podcast.

Topics Discussed: Did George Washington and the founding fathers smoke marijuana; the hemp plant and the many different things you can do with it; Hempcrete; epileptic children and CBD oil and ketosis; sprouted and sourdough breads; pasta comas; gluten-free pasta; taking supplements daily based on your goals; grass-fed beef; bears who eat blueberries; supplementing with minerals; folic mineral powder; probiotics; GTs kombucha tea; gut flora; the body is a complex system; the conflict of the mind and body; people want an instant fix; overriding the mind; discipline and motivation; surrounding yourself with good people; creating your own ethos; cheat days or meals are good for the mind; you only appreciate rest when you’ve earned it; finding the right balance in life; fighters should only focus on fighting; where would we be without the horrors of war and crime; internal struggles; appreciating success; Donald Trump being a dick; taking Trump to the jungle to do ayahuasca; Bernie Sanders wanting to tax the rich; Obama aging after being president; war and being a warrior; going in a cryotank is like sending the body to war; Hitler’s reign wasn’t that long ago; life today isn’t that bad; the presidential race and marketing propaganda; presidential debates are unnatural; how Aubrey hires people for Onnit; impeachment; Bill Clinton dancing around the Lewinsky allegations; we don’t like dishonest people; Charlie Sheen’s honesty; celebrities going to rehab for sex addiction; John F. Kennedy was a sex freak; Clint Eastwood’s speech to an empty chair; expecting someone to be perfect; the momentum of the past; we have become more complex and more honest; arguing with someone; getting trapped with someone who is causing conflict; surrounding yourself with good people; Aubrey going on the Summit at Sea cruise; people born into bad neighborhoods; Whiplash movie; children of wealthy people are some of the most fucked up people; success is defined too much by how much money you have; happiness; girls wanting Instagram likes; girls showing their asses on Instagram; yoga pants; the hip to waist ratio; cleavage; nipples; simulation theory; subatomic particles; what is real; artificial intelligence; reproduction and what we will become in the future; Aubrey thinks smoking DMT is technology; good and bad shamans; Washington ayahuasca church; drugs becoming legal; hemp is awesome because you can do so much stuff with it; drug laws were made when information was hard to come by; Nixon was the enemy of information; cost of legal marijuana compared to alcohol; MDMA for treating PTSD; children who are growing up with the internet; psilocybin regenerating brain cells; registering drones; skier almost hit with a drone; hoverboards; weak bones; aging; Joe’s article about how the body is a sand castle; hitting the reset button on life; the longing for nostalgia; name dropping; Conor McGregor’s confidence.

My Thoughts: Only took Aubrey an hour to mention ayahuasca and floating. Same stuff you hear him spout every time he’s on the podcast.

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