The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 740 with Thaddeus Russell

Episode Number: 740
Episode Guest: Thaddeus Russell
Original Airdate: December 23, 2015
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Guest Bio: Thaddeus Russell is an adjunct professor of American Studies at Occidental College, and also the author of A Renegade History of The United States.

Topics Discussed: Getting in trouble at Occidental University due to his last appearance on the podcast; leaving Occidental University for a new job in Oregon; weather in Oregon; Yale Halloween costume controversy; people should be allowed to be offensive; mechanism to report micro aggressions at a university; not being allowed to ask people questions like “where are you from” or “what are you”; saying “you’re articulate” to a black person; macro responses to micro aggressions; there’s no fun or humor on college campuses; kids have been trained to feel devastated by micro aggressions; professional victims; there hasn’t been a racist hate crime on a college campus in 30 years; colleges are an extremely safe environment; sexual assault and racial issues at Occidental University; social justice warriors will be running the country in the future; millennials are more hostile to free speech; Yale students want to repeal the First Amendment; raising taxes for the rich just gives the government more money; itemizing our taxes; we don’t know where our taxes go; private vs. public education; what the left and right want; paleoconservatism; neoconservatism; the United States Army write the history books that are being used in Iraq and Afghanistan; who will replace the president at Occidental University; UC Davis pepper spray incident; riots; UC Davis chancellor being led away video; it’s safer for black people to deal with the police in Los Angeles due to the LA riots; black lives matter is raising awareness with politicians about police brutality; disruptive protesting is very effective; the future of education online; Thaddeus is starting his own online Renegade University; the modern university is archaic; the price of a degree has gone up while the value has gone down; there’s more intellectual debate on social media than colleges; no one cares about the diversity of ideas; tenure in university forces intellectual conformity; the Peter Duesberg hypothesis on AIDS; why was tenure created and the problems with tenure at universities; Melissa Click and the University of Missouri controversy; safe spaces at universities; professors with tenure won’t express themselves; being called a racist is terrifying for white liberals; the transgender movement; asking people what is their preferred gender pronoun; we are not allowed to discuss gender; some transgender people are crazy; freedom vs. wanting to be treated properly; you can’t say people with body dysmorphia are crazy; Thaddeus thinks you shouldn’t call someone crazy and doesn’t like the word; what is crazy; is anyone not crazy; guy who cut his nose off to look like Red Skull; people think MMA/martial arts should be illegal; legality of martial arts in New York; saying or calling someone a “pussy”; calling women “dicks” or “assholes”; women calling people “cunt”; saying “cunt” in the UK; calling a woman your “girlfriend”; adding humor to his classes; is using the word “renegade” douchey; his plans for Renegade University; being disqualified from a job because he isn’t a black woman; people who think black people can’t be racist; saying someone is “woke” (awake); racism and sexism is applied to almost anything; we should appreciate people for what they are; racial liberalism; ethnic students brought in to add diversity to white schools; transracial people; Shaun King is a white guy trying to be black; creating a fantasy narrative to change your race; are Jewish people a race; brilliant European Jews; blacks and Jews in stand-up comedy; most stand-up comedy is in the United States and English-speaking countries; Mark Twain is the first stand-up comedian; slaves doing stand-up comedy; Lenny Bruce; Lenny Bruce wasn’t even doing funny material towards the end of his career; Richard Pryor prosecuted for obscenity; evolution of culture; Larry Flynt; presidents who were supposed to be gay; Hunter S. Thompson and Nixon talking about football; Obama going on Marc Maron’s podcast; what would Joe ask Obama if he came on his podcast; Jimmy Kimmel crying for Cecil the Lion; lions are now a protected species; paid hunts help to protect animals; trophy hunting; hunting and eating mountain lion; muscular animals; charismatic megafauna; Jericho the Lion; Marc Maron blocking Thaddeus on Twitter; government bailout; what would Thaddeus ask Obama; Sam Harris’ thoughts on how much power Obama has; why are ISIS and Muslims targeting France and the United States; removing troops from the Middle East; ISIS is using American weapons; getting rid of a dictator; 80% of the people fighting against ISIS are Muslims; many people ISIS kills are Muslims; would Thaddeus run for president; the legalization of marijuana and how Joe helped; the government is responsible for schools and the curriculum; schools are like an assembly line based on the Prussian system; the government doesn’t want to create critical thinkers; debating democracy in high school; third-party candidates; there’s no choice in elections; problems with the educational system; an influential teacher Joe had; standardizing the curriculum in schools; STEM; standardization of thinking; longing for things that are handcrafted and not mass produced; independent schools; Thaddeus starting a podcast; the freedom of podcasting; television in the past with only three TV networks; Rupert Murdoch starting Fox; 39% of things purchased online are bought on Amazon; Amazon was once a failure; how Amazon employees are treated; Fairphone; fair trade and unfair trade; how to fix employee issues overseas; Google’s Project Ara modular cell phone; Google’s Nexus phones and Project Fi; Google has advanced human existence more than anyone; Google is the devil in the Bay Area; San Francisco real estate; San Francisco and New York are no longer counterculture hubs; technology makes being homeless better than ever; everyone has a cell phone.

My Thoughts: Lots of education and social justice warrior-type talk.

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