The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 739 with Duncan Trussell and Christopher Ryan

Episode Number: 739
Episode Guest: Duncan Trussell and Christopher Ryan
Original Airdate: December 22, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, Mizzen+Main,, Onnit

Guest Bio: Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian and host of his own podcast The Duncan Trussell Family Hour. Christopher Ryan, Ph.D. is a psychologist, speaker, and author of New York Times best seller Sex At Dawn, and also host of his own podcast Tangentially Speaking.

Topics Discussed: Star Wars: The Force Awakens; Joseph Campbell; Stanley Krippner; Guru Ram Das doing stand-up comedy; triggers and getting angry; yoga making you more relaxed; stress; people not paying attention while driving; driving motorcycles; distractions while driving; automated and self-driving cars; romanticizing antiquated technology; Hasidic Jews having sex through a hole in a sheet; beta versions of software; computer discs; their first exposures to computers; files are stored in the cloud today; man lost at sea for 15 months ate dead friend, then sued for eating him by his family; cannibalistic societies; Catholicism and metaphysical cannibalism; amanita muscaria; psychedelics in history and seeing God; offending religious people and God; the story of Job; the cruelty of the universe; endorphins released when something’s dying; the universe is amazing but we don’t recognize that unless we’re on drugs; civilization is designed to distract us from our mortality; roses don’t smell anymore and are sprayed with perfume; eating escargot and having to buy the snails separately from the shells; fecal transplants; social justice warrior placemats at Harvard; YouTube montage video of police officers shooting people; police officers have a stressful job and could be suffering from PTSD; black people get pulled over more than white people; police asset forfeiture takes more from people per year than burglaries; jail sentences are longer for drugs than for murder; Edward Bernays; advertising creates an alternate reality; the old guard has to die and drugs need to be legal; culture accepts the norm; alcohol is a different experience than doing drugs; people looking down on those who do drugs; if you think drugs should be illegal you are a victim of propaganda; not being able to talk to your parents about drugs; parents are agents of the state; young developing minds shouldn’t experiment with drugs; drug myths; it is hard to break the momentum of habit; tax revenue generated from the sale of legalized marijuana; Chris sleeping in Terence McKenna’s bed; Chris nominated for an AVN award; the pornography industry is changing due to the internet; the internet is changing many industries; Chris thinks cars should drive backwards; SpaceX rocket launch and landing; cell phone addiction; hording online articles to read later; technology and the internet is a drug; difference between black metal and death metal; Berzum; the physical pull of cell phones; Google’s contact lens; soon there will be artificial eyes better than our real eyes; strengthening our eyes; staring at a screen constantly damages our eyes; why blue light is bad before bed; ex-CIA agent’s house raided for growing vegetables the DEA thought was marijuana; new police radars can see into homes; the CISA bill that just passed; what happens when nuclear bombs become smaller and more accessible; the race between absolute destruction and a Utopian society; reaching a technological bottleneck; money is becoming information; no secrets will exist in the future; money was never real; Grant Morrison; going back to a barter economy; money is irrelevant to the super elite; technology will merge with our consciousness; the ship of Theseus; like grasshoppers turning into locusts, humans are changing into something else; people don’t care if you catch a fish but care if you kill a deer; fish are cannibals and don’t take care of their young; human reward systems; Spanish cured ham; the peace and satisfaction of cooking your own meat; The Big Green Egg; the feeling of cooking an animal you just killed on an open fire; humans are becoming too domesticated; it’s become offensive to be a masculine man; people are mistaking language with intention; the energy behind our words is what matters; all that matters is love; we come from a place where we need each other; locusts turn back into grasshoppers; working at Amazon; Radiolab “Brown Box” episode about working at Amazon; the desire to live in a natural environment; hunter/gatherers are more relaxed and happier than we are; the feeling of discontent with your daily existence; subsistence television shows; to be happy, you have to be in the present moment instead of fleeing what’s happening right now; what to do to center yourself; cultivating the feeling of mindfulness; getting rid of everything and travelling around in a van; you can get a DUI for being a passenger in a car with a drunk driver; Canada won’t let you in if you have a DUI; Chris was almost denied entry into Canada for having stole a Snickers bar in Alaska 30 years earlier; Eddie Bravo gets hassled when going into Canada; what happens if things you post online become illegal; the government wants to take away our personal liberties; leaving the United States; Australian and New Zealand drug laws; Los Angeles is the result of World War II; countries call themselves something else than what we call them (Nippon/Japan); turkey; bacon considered breakfast meat; fluoride in drinking water; Dixie Cups; drug commercial side-effects; Australia anti-marijuana “Stone Sloth” campaign backfires; there’s no perfect place in the world; the Festival of Dangerous Ideas; Australia talk; effects of jet lag after returning from Australia; why does changing sleep cycle mess you up; going East is harder on your sleep cycle; the sun rising and setting has an effect on the body; women whose menstruation cycles sync up; women have a better sense of smell than men; perfume and the smell of women; women choose men based on how they smell; the birth control pill can mess up if a woman is attracted to a man based on smell; negative effects of birth control pills; humans are pretending we’re not animals; people who do Jiu Jitsu need healthy skin flora; MRSA and ground garlic; drinking urine; all animals urinate for the same amount of time; Chris’ kidney stone; how they break up kidney stones with sound waves; people who think they have alien implants; visiting an underground bunker while shooting Joe Rogan Questions Everything; Room movie; Discordianism.

My Thoughts: Entertaining podcast that bounces from topic to topic.

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