The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 731 with Bert Kreischer (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 731
Episode Guest: Bert Kreischer
Original Airdate: December 4, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, DraftKings, LegalZoom, Ting, Onnit

Guest Bio: Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comedian, actor, and reality television host. Check out his book Life of the Party on Amazon and his podcast The Bertcast on Stitcher & iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Burt’s eating out while on the road; Anthony Bourdain’s show Parts Unknown; Anthony Bourdain doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; people who get addicted to BJJ; the art of BJJ; people who challenge you make you better in comedy and BJJ; abandoning bits that aren’t working; Joe working on material for his new special; Bert is putting his machine story on a special so he doesn’t have to tell it anymore; Bert seeing a fan wearing his shirt on a plane; humiliatrix Ceara Lynch; Bert’s memory of seeing a dominatrix while very young; people change when they become a parent; how Bert masturbates; gypsies in Los Angeles; saying “one cotton pickin’ minute”; origin of the word “faggot”; forbidden words; public shaming; Charlie Sheen gay rumors; HIV today; it’s easier for gay people to get AIDS; STDs; malaria; sickle cell anemia and malaria; rabies; Bert’s genital warts scare; where we got information before the internet; the origin of HIV; Radiolab’s “Patient Zero” podcast; Peter Duesberg’s HIV theory; eating healthy to prevent cancer; the Reagan White House joking about AIDS; So You’ve Been Publically Shamed book and public shaming; Bill Cosby; Justine Sacco; Lindsay Stone’s Arlington Cemetery photo; cleansing your name on the internet; rumor that Joe choked out a mountain lion; Redban getting tested to see if he has diabetes; Cameron Hanes’ skin cancer scare; Cameron Hanes doing ultra marathons; hunting is cool again; Bert wants to hunt and become more manly; skeet shooting; saying “bro” to dismiss something; Bert getting kicked out of Buffalo Wild Wings for taking his shirt off while celebrating after a Conor McGregor win; you can’t stand and drink a beer in Utah; alcohol laws of Utah; Bert drinking on flights due to fear; Xanax; Greg Giraldo’s death; Patrice O’Neal’s death; Bert’s diet and exercise; happiness and Bert doing stand-up and filming his TV shows; ignoring stand-up because of TV shows; doing what you love; Joe thinks he’s doing too many things; Bert believes in aliens; Scientology; Going Clear book; Bert’s dad was a lawyer for the church of Scientology; Joe dated a Scientologist; Nathan for You TV show; The Ben Show with Ben Hoffman; YouTube, Comedy Central, and watching content online; being envious of other comedians’ careers; Ari’s TV show This is Not Happening; Big Jay Oakerson; dealing with television networks; Joe talks about dealing with Comedy Central while shooting The Man Show; creating your own content for the internet is better than working for someone else; Netflix is doing things right; Michael Richards behind the scenes of Seinfeld; people who need attention; Michael Richards was terrible at stand-up comedy; the Michael Richards Laugh Factory meltdown; Daniel Tosh rape joke controversy; comedians having to apologize for their material; Bert’s drinking; Doug Stanhope; Bert’s hernia; riding a horse; Clydesdale horses; lying in bed with dogs; there was a shooting in Atlanta, Georgia the same day as the San Bernadino shooting; talk about gun laws and mass shootings; Jim Jefferies’ stand-up comedy bit on gun control; people who join ISIS; what leads people to kill others in the name of religion; Australia is amazing; Afghanistan; the CIA bribes Afghan warlords with Viagra; Brian taking gas station boner pills; steroids; Anandrol-50; Earl Skakel’s Inappropriate Earl podcast; the effects of Viagra and how it works; over-the-counter boner pills; Anderson Silva’s UFC failed drug test; Roy Jones, Jr.’s boxing skills; Roy Jones, Jr. vs. Vinnie PazienzaGerald McClellan vs. Nigel Benn fight; how many concussions is too many; Joe’s concussions and his memory; Jim McMahon’s concussions; NFL and concussions; football is one of the most courageous sports; Lenny Kravitz’s leather pants ripped and his dick popped out on stage while shredding the guitar; Justin Beiber’s dick; there should be dick cream to make your dick clean and smooth; real tits compared to fake tits; dicks and tits should be imperfect; nipple pasties; Chrissy Teigen is a nipple warrior.

My Thoughts: Great fun podcast! Nothing too serious! Gets ridiculous towards the end.

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