The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 729 with Jocko Willink

Episode Number: 729
Episode Guest: Jocko Willink
Original Airdate: December 1, 2015
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Guest Bio: Jocko Willink is an author, black belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu, and a retired commander of the most highly decorated special operations unit of the Iraq War: US Navy SEAL Team Three Task Unit Bruiser, which served in the 2006 Battle of Ramadi. His book Extreme Ownership is available now.

Topics Discussed: Going on Tim Ferriss’ podcast; being in combat; the history of the human race is filled with warfare; combat is real life amplified; people are attracted to war entertainment to get a sense of and to understand war; veterans who want to go back to combat after leaving it; fighting in combat sports compared to war; fighting to take back Ramadi from insurgents; result of taking Saddam Hussein out of power; connection of 9/11 and Iraq; believing what you’re doing is for good; why insurgents and ISIS are taking over; patriotism after 9/11; people are patriotic when they feel threatened; being drawn to the military; Navy SEAL training; training and being prepared at all times for combat; teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to other soldiers; training with laser tag (DITS by Saab) and paintball (Simunition); ego and belief in yourself; how soldiers used to train for combat; what it was like the first time he was deployed; his deployment in Ramadi, what it was like, and what went wrong; who trained insurgents in Ramadi and what their motivations were; A Chance in Hell: The Battle of Ramadi documentary; working alongside Iraqi soldiers; Iraqi soldiers couldn’t speak English and many couldn’t count; ensuring American soldiers were protected from Iraqi soldiers when fighting with them; taking over buildings and turning them into combat outposts; how long the battle of Ramadi last for; what it was like after; do Americans have a distorted perception of military and the war in general; the Iraqis wanted the Americans there; what Ramadi is like now that it’s overrun by ISIS; is it possible to take Ramadi back today; should America go back to Iraq; soldiers must have the will to kill and the will to die; we need to look out for American interests; what would it take for America to go back to Iraq; warning signs from ISIS; ISIS and ISIL explanation; will there be a definitive end to the war in the Middle East; ISIS is targeting disenchanted people for recruits; military force is needed to stop bad ideas like ISIS; what advice would Jocko give to the president if he was asked; what steps he would take to destroy ISIS; using drones; what he thinks America’s approach to ISIS will be; America is not in a leadership position due to the current administration; America should want to be in a position of power; Islamaphobia and being called an Islamaphobe by hyper-sensitive people; America is getting soft and is living in a bubble; what made him want to leave the military; what his transition to being a civilian was like; doing speeches and working as a speaker; does he enjoy what he does now; similarities between combat and the business world; starting his own podcast; difficulty writing his book; Joe thinks the president should be required to have been part of the military; the military builds discipline; discipline is a pathway to creativity and success; The War of Art book by Steven Pressfield; Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm; Anderson Silva’s unorthodox strikes; Jeff Glover’s donkey guard; Dean Lister; Fedor Emelianenko; Holly Holm talking about her boxing loss; taking ownership of your problems and not making excuses; recognizing when you make mistakes; pride and ego is needed to become successful; bodybuilding; over-training and monitoring your heart rate; Steve Maxwell; Anthony Bourdain’s obsession with Jiu Jitsu; why people become obsessed with Jiu Jitsu; Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Bob Sapp fightFedor Emelianenko vs. Hong Man Choi fight; progression of Jiu Jitsu; when he started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; you can never learn everything there is to know about Jiu Jitsu; you can do Jiu Jitsu into old age; violence is sometimes a solution to problems.

My Thoughts: If you are interested in war, this is the podcast for you. There is a little bit of MMA talk during the last half hour.

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