The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 728 with Ceara Lynch

Episode Number: 728
Episode Guest: Ceara Lynch
Original Airdate: November 27, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, Onnit

Guest Bio: Ceara Lynch is a professional humiliatrix and fetish video producer, and she also has a documentary coming soon called Ruin Me.

Topics Discussed: Sending her poop through the mail; how she got started as a dominatrix/humiliatrix; prices for things (poop, pee, underwear, spit, hair, nail clippings, etc.) that she sells to customers; selling her feces; paying taxes; moving into phone sex; her exit strategy from the business and planning for the future; making custom videos for her customers; male chastity belts/devices; dominating a man through video over the internet; is there one type of guy who wants to be humiliated; what makes guys have certain fetishes; forced bisexual fetish; guys working with dominatrixes in real life; financial domination fetish; did some fetishes exist before the internet; guys who want to meet her or become obsessed with her; how much time she spends each day as a humiliatrix; does her family know what she does; telling her mom what she does; what her dad thinks of her being a humiliatrix; her gay father; learning her dad was gay and how he came out; how many of her customers are religious; humiliating Islamists; does she look at the world differently; her personal relationships; guys will date a stripper or porn star until they develop feelings and get jealous; society’s attitudes about sex; STD testing in the porn industry; Charlie Sheen being HIV positiveCharlie Sheen had sex with Cory Haim; celebrities going to rehab after being caught doing something bad; Betty Ford; are her clients addicted to sex; the power of sexual urges; wearing underwear to sell to her clients; what she won’t do to make money; do guys try to switch control and humiliate her; mainstream porn industry is losing money; porn stars and girls now work for themselves; guys who are fans of porn stars; guys who love porn are thought of as losers; going to college for psychology and business; the upcoming documentary about her called Ruin Me.

My Thoughts: This podcast is only an hour long because Joe does most of the talking and Ceara doesn’t really add a whole lot to the conversation. Joe will ask her something and she’ll have a pretty brief and succinct answer without expanding on anything or steering the conversation towards new territory. Pretty bland podcast considering her job, though maybe she doesn’t want to divulge too much about the things her customers are into.

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