The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 727 with Bill Burr

Episode Number: 727
Episode Guest: Bill Burr
Original Airdate: November 24, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, NatureBox, Club W, DraftKings, Onnit

Guest Bio: Bill Burr is a stand-up comedian and also hosts his own podcast called The Monday Morning Podcast. His new show F is for Family premieres on Netflix on December 18, 2015.

Topics Discussed: Bill’s baking; the decline of the Food Network; Guy Fieri; Mario Batali; teaching himself how to cook; teaching himself how to fix cars; having ADD; Donald Trump; Trump says Black Lives Matter activist should have been roughed up; terrorists should make a documentary rather than blow people up; Going Clear documentary; German manufacturing; German vs. American cars; modern cars; Operation Paperclip; Werner von Braun; Scientology in Germany; Phish; people following around the Grateful Dead; Joe putting together an apocalypse vehicle; Toyota Land Cruiser with a tent; smoking on a pellet grill; challenging yourself and trying new things; Bill’s wife watching reality TV; Bill’s love of sports; Joe and Tony Hinchcliffe talking about Cris Cyborg; Bill writing jokes for other people; writing material; writing and working on F is for Family; F is for Family trailer; Netflix and its original shows; comedy specials on Netflix; getting more popular from having a special on Netflix; work ethic; working through writer’s block; purposely digging yourself into a hole on stage; McDonald’s offering salads is like a dirty comic trying to work clean; was it normal for people to roofie girls back when Bill Cosby was younger and drugging women; ideas of rape in the ’60s and ’70s; pedophiles were once considered dirty old men; chimpanzees eat monkeys; hairless chimps; strength of chimps; aquatic ape theory; animal vs. animal videos; slap fight videos; Worldstar fights; people dying from street fights; Kevin James is tough; bouncers being assholes; Joe working as a security guard; Sam Kinison‘s comedy had a lot of filler; decline of Sam Kinison; Brother Sam book; how Sam changed after his car accident; Andrew Dice Clay’s The Day the Laughter Died album; Dice Clay’s comedy; Eddie Griffin; seeing Dice Clay in Las Vegas; watching comedy specials in the past; how Joe found out about Sam Kinison; realizing they could do comedy; getting drunk before going to the bar; getting a DUI; Patrick Swayze crashing a plane while drunk; how you live your life after learning you’re going to die; Christopher Hitchens; museums; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; modern art; Jackson PollockJay Leno’s car collection; Ralph Lauren’s car collection; The Limit book; the Count Von Crash; Le Mans movie; Bullitt movie; old stuff is cool; Bill’s old truck; Fast N Loud TV show; Ronson touch tip lighters; cigars; The Seven Five documentary; finding a job after getting out of jail; Don King murders; Bill performing at Madison Square Garden; playing comedy clubs regularly; performing for people who aren’t there to see you; Boston comedy in the ’80s; fights when Bill was younger; fights in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston; people in Los Angeles are segregated compared to New York; crimes and murders in Los Angeles; driving and traffic in Los Angeles; living in Long Island; living and working on the East Coast; flying a helicopter; flying a helicopter to a gig; flying at night; flying over the ocean; getting killed by a shark; getting killed by a monkey; dealing with bugs in Costa Rica; a monkey in Costa Rica stole Bill’s keys.

My Thoughts: Ol’ Billy Redface! Great podcast.

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