The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 726 with Josh Zepps

Episode Number: 726
Episode Guest: Josh Zepps
Original Airdate: November 23, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee,, Onnit

Guest Bio: Josh Zepps is the host of HuffPost Live and We The People Live available on iTunes and at

Topics Discussed: The world is going crazy; hashtags; implying that Donald Trump was a fascist; what is fascism; people using the term “fascism” incorrectly; how capable we are of fucking things up; religion, politics, and power; tribes trying to control tribes; Josh Zepp’s interview with Suey Park; Suey Park and #CancelColbert; Kansas City professor who used the N word; aboriginals and racism in Australia; Josh Zepp’s interview with Donny Deutsch; aboriginals considered fauna in Australia; how fast we are advancing as a civilization; cousin of humans with huge teeth discovered; what we were like in the past; people who don’t believe in evolution; evolution is a slow process; aging and the body breaking down; tantric sex; vaginal weightlifting; woman shooting darts with her vagina; visiting Thailand; Australia; box jellyfish; irukandji jellyfish; Australia and things that can kill you; snakes and antivenom; health care in America; Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot book; Rush Limbaugh; Oxycontin addiction; Rush Limbaugh calls a woman a slut for wanting birth control; it’s hard to exercise and lose weight; death rate of white men is increasing; white people have to feel guilty about being white; we’re distracted by cultural bullshit; there are more social justice warriors than racists; social justice warriors are going after people who aren’t even being racist; Meryl Streep’s shirt controversy; suffragette; New York was great after 9/11 because people were friendlier; Joe’s friend passes out from smoking too much weed; tragedy hipsters; “Why Putting the French Flag on the Space Needle is Racist” article; CNN’s news reporting; examples of balanced news reporting; “Did the Media Ignore the Beirut Bombings? Or Did Readers?” article; result of the fear of terrorism; solutions to the ISIS issue; the future of communication; the internet has divided and insulated us further; survey about groups not liked by people in America; tolerance and young people; ideas and certainty are infectious; people who listen to country music are ignorant; the hunting world and religion; the need to simplify the complex through religion; Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History; parallels between jihadis and social justice warriors; extreme ideologies; expressing ideas through podcasts; finding a way to talk about Islam without outrage.

My Thoughts: This guy’s back again to talk about the left and right and social justice warriors.

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