The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 718 with Christopher Ryan

Episode Number: 718
Episode Guest: Christopher Ryan
Original Airdate: November 3, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, DraftKings, ZipRecruiter,, Onnit

Guest Bio: Christopher Ryan, PhD is a psychologist, speaker, and author of New York Times best seller Sex At Dawn.

Topics Discussed: Men who have wives who answer their phones; getting dirty emails; Bailey Jay; Gavin McInnis; right-wing people who find religion late in life; Chris getting blowback from the left; mansplaining; manspreading; dealing with balls in uncomfortable positions; why the balls are on the outside; men who can suck their balls up into their body; girls who suck on your balls; communicating sexually with your partner; sex isn’t just about reproduction anymore; women aren’t just interested in sexual attraction when finding a man; fluidity in female sexuality; mostly men have fetishes; men who are attracted to children; why when you’re abused as a child do you grow to be sexual attracted to kids; developing sexually at a young age; using psychedelics to get over something; rites of passage rituals; Joe saying “hey Siri” to his phone; Google Project Fi; Google asking Chris to talk at Google; summits and music and comedy festivals that won’t pay their acts; becoming friends with a billionaire; the Peter Pan cartoon is full of racism; Pepe Le Pew is a stinky French rapist; slang term of “beaver”; girls with bushes today; Joe dating a Catholic schoolgirl in high school who shaved her vagina; sacred prostitutes of Ancient Greece; turning repressed sexual energy into productive activities; Paul Ryan proposed selling off public land to pay off debts; right-wing people are dismissive of environmental concerns; global warming talk; methane at the bottom of the ocean; how Joe lives his balanced life; reducing the population; people will be less likely to breed in the future; racism in immigrant communities; Randall Carlson and global cooling; Canada; Duncan Trussell; The Festival of Dangerous Ideas; TED Talks and the problems with the TED corporation; LSD and creativity; surfing; “scoping” yourself while shooting; hunting talk; animals and cold weather exposure; bear talk; Grizzly Man bear documentary; Werner Herzog; Jack Reacher movie; Encounters at the End of the World documentary; Wim Hof; Everest movie; “The Business of Everest” article; why we have our bedrooms at the top of the house; Doug Stanhope; Joe’s “Why Working Out is Like Building a Sandcastle” article; using psychedelics to accept death; Larry Hagman talking about LSD during CNN interview; a meaningful life doesn’t have to include reproduction; having bad trips; Joey Diaz eating edibles and dosing people; Duncan’s story about getting dosed by Joey Diaz; Chris’s bad trip story; study about people checking themselves into psychiatric wards; being accused of something and questioning your own intentions; prisons; Chris’s El Chapo prison escape conspiracy theory; Mexican prisons are good if you’re a prisoner; Joe’s ex-girlfriend liked to be hit during sex; many women orgasm when they are being raped; women with rape fantasies; being on autopilot while under the influence of sleeping pills; Future Perfect book; spreading consciousness and the global mind; being part of a community; ideas don’t need commercial appeal with the internet; Joe started his podcast for fun; he only interviews who he’s interested in; why talk shows suck; produced podcasts compared to conversational podcasts; Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History; civilization is sick; Bartolomé de las Casas; Christopher Columbus and celebrating who expanded the empire; living in tribes vs. large cities; Buffalo Bill killed buffalo to starve the Indians; buffalo; muskox; Joe rants about how hunters are preserving and helping certain species thrive and are preventing them from becoming extinct; recent storm in Los Angeles; Soho House in Los Angeles; avoiding affluent, pretentious people who desire exclusive things; rich guys with lots of girlfriends; Father Yod and The Source Family documentary; Cave of Forgotten Dreams documentary and the Chauvet Cave; Stanley Krippner; The Amazing Randy; Banachek; psychic frauds; assisted suicide is now legal in California; shaping our culture through the internet; first getting on the internet; seeing a porn movie in a theater; Deep Throat was viewed as a real film rather than porn; Inside Deep Throat documentary; Linda Lovelace; feminist who says she eats men for breakfast; getting a blowjob when you’re half asleep; college students and asking for consent during sex; tweet about abortion not being an issue just for women because men can get pregnant too; crazy people and the genders they identify with.

My Thoughts: It seems like this guy was just on and now he’s back again for another 3+ hour podcast? They bounce all over the place talking about everything. Joe, of course, sprinkles in the obligatory talk about hunting, animals, and game meat.

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