The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 717 with Steve-O (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 717
Episode Guest: Steve-O
Original Airdate: November 3, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, Squarespace, LegalZoom, MeUndies, Onnit

Guest Bio: Steve-O is a stunt performer, comedian, clown, actor, producer, author, and television personality. He is taping his comedy special for Showtime on November 21, 2015 in Austin, TX. Tickets are available at

Topics Discussed: Messing with the SeaWorld sign while live streaming; asking to go to jail; other times he’s gone to jail; being in jail in Mexico; swallowing drugs in Sweden and getting arrested for it in Norway; having an unknown foreign object inside his body; the European attitude towards marijuana; getting arrested after bouncers crushed a kid on stage during one of his shows; stapling his balls to his leg and getting arrested for obscenity; overly aggressive bouncers; staying in jail where other celebrities have stayed; getting arrested for drunk driving; being in jail for 10 days; jail compared to prison; California bans captive breeding of killer whales; seeing killer whales in the wild; killer whales are smart; intelligence of dolphins; getting arrested in Calgary; having citizenship in three countries; how hard it is to get into Canada; Eddie Bravo trying to get into Canada; getting into Australia; how many times he’s been arrested; shooting his new special; Texas; what he does during his show; doing other peoples’ bits during his show; getting kicked out of college; what stunts he’s done in the past; setting himself on fire during his shows; concern for getting hurt doing a show; starting stand-up comedy; being sober and doing stunts; most injured he’s ever gotten; falling off a balcony; getting arrested with cocaine; his old apartments; getting evicted; getting into ketamine; more drug stories; his intervention; psych ward stories; the more fucked up you are the better your chances for recovery; rehab; staying in sober living for two years; what happened to his career while he was in rehab; Dr. Steve-O TV show; what they teach you in rehab; having relationships in rehab; the inventory process of rehab; going back to the psych ward; his roommates in rehab; never feeling free from addiction; working with people who suffer from addiction; alcoholism in his family; going to Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College; being paid to have animal drugs tested on him; his book Professional Idiot; doing a podcast; streaming live on YouNow; Joe working with Bryan Callen; taking pictures with fans after shows; selling merch after shows; his upcoming show; Romanian nightclub fire; Pride FC fighter burned by fire while walking into the ring; second-hand weed smoke; living a healthy lifestyle today; his sex addiction; being a vegan; feeding his animals other animals; eating fish and eggs; sleep apnea; being fat and having sleep apnea; Greg Fitzsimmons performing Bill Cosby’s bits; Bill Cosby could be the most prolific serial rapist; Cosby paying off girls in the past; Anonymous releasing information about KKK members; Bad Grandpa movie; Steve-O’s future movie plans; physical problems; Johnny Knoxville’s physical problems from performing stunts; Joe doing stunts in Zookeeper; appreciating stuntmen.

My Thoughts: Lots of talk about Steve-O’s problems with the law and his experiences in rehab and the psych ward.

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