The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 715 with Remi Warren

Episode Number: 715
Episode Guest: Remi Warren
Original Airdate: October 29, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, Squarespace, DraftKings, Onnit

Guest Bio: Remi Warren is a hunter, adventurer, and videographer. His show Apex Predator is on the Outdoor Channel.

Topics Discussed: Doing yoga; guys who have tramp stamps; crop tops and capris on guys; Kid Cudi wearing a crop top; hunting fashion and clothes; effective camoflage; ghillie suits; ethical hunting at a distance; archery, elk hunting, nerves, and beta blockers; animals can sense energy; Verizon dropping the Outdoor and Sportsman channels; TV shows about barbecuing; pellet grills; Yoder grills and smokers; men and fire; family wakes up to boy being eaten by a bear story; his vehicles; sleeping in nature; filming Solo Hunter; Fuse bow stabalizer camera; crossbows; The Walking Dead TV show inaccuracies; stupid hunting product names; making bows; shooting a bow; instinctive shooting; YouTube archery trick shots video; bow hunting compared to rifle hunting; hunting with other people around; deer around people; hunting in isolated areas; mouse eating potato chips; forging; poisonous and non-poisonous mushrooms, berries,etc.; plant-only diet compared to a meat-only diet; over population and no one growing their own food; people dying from coconuts hitting them on the head; mangos and poison ivy/oak; shellfish allergies and roachesFear Factor stunts Joe wants to try; 100-year-old eggs; eating placenta; eating live slugs; eating coyote; diseases Steve Rinella has caught; eating bear; cooking elk; eating rhino; eating hippo; hippo attacks speed boat video; anthropomorphizing of animals; influence of Bambi movie; abundance of fast food in California; Bozeman, Montana; Alaska; the mountains; Apex Predator show; hunting a mountain lion; how humans run; hunting footwear; sleeping in nature; minimal camping and eating off the land; heightened senses when you’re hungry; almost starving while hunting; don’t eat intestines; snails and slugs; Wim Hof and holding your breath; mammalian diving reflex; aquatic ape theory; spear fishing; deep water diving; shark eats marlin video; seeing a big shark while fishing; surf competition shark attack video; eyesight of eagles compared to humans; octopus changing color of its skin and shape video; octopus talk; 100-foot kraken fossil found; “We Will Never Find All the Dinosaurs” article; small early humans and hobbit fossils; killer whales and keeping them in captivity; killer whales and krill; mass extinction of animals; lost civilizations, Graham Hancock, and Randall Carlson; restarting civilization after a catastrophe; technology; a supervolcano killed off nearly everyone 70,000 years ago; the innovation of humans will lead us to artificial life; elk hunting is better than a video game; Joe killing an elk; elk and deer antlers; elk fighting; desire to discover the unknown; people who look for Bigfoot; mistaking one animal for another; baiting animals and bears; grizzly bears getting used to people; story of a guy who killed a Kodiak bear with knife; grizzly kills dear in yard video; has Remi ever felt threatened by an animal; wolves; elk are fast; horses get tired and sore.

My Thoughts: Didn’t mind this so much, but maybe I just enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t some political personality.

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