The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 709 with Steven Rinella

Episode Number: 709
Episode Guest: Steven Rinella
Original Airdate: October 15, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, Fandango, Squarespace, Onnit

Guest Bio: Steven Rinella is an outdoorsman, author, and television host. He currently hosts MeatEater on the Sportsman Channel.

Topics Discussed: Finding time to write his new books The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game; the creation of the books; the depth of his TV show MeatEater; episodes where nothing dies; the difference between his and other hunting shows; filming a show without compromising the integrity of hunting; the failure of his first TV show; bonding with people while hunting; things that are miserable while you’re doing them, but become fun afterwards; Joe’s sketchy rollercoaster picture; appreciating life after hunting; movies and TV shows where hunters are portrayed as the bad guys; Wild Kratts TV show; vegans who have animals and feed them meat; Radiolab podcast “The Rhino Hunter” with Cory Knowlton; anti-hunting hypocrites; trophy hunting and Cecil the lion; animals naturally and freely move across borders; “In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry for Lions” article; Jim Shockey’s Uncharted show where he visits Mozambique; the wolf population and problems; it’s fine to kill things if they hurt people; trophy hunting explanation; the dentist who killed Cecil the lion; giving lions names and anthropomorphizing them; people pointing their anger at anything; meat eaters angry at hunting and hunters; hierarchy of dead animals on social media; people who are fine with leather but not hunting; A Sand Country Almanac book by Aldo Leopold; hunting in the past; ignorance of Cecil the lion’s killer; paying to kill animals; rhinos kill other rhinos; complexity of the Cecil the lion situation; George Monbiotrewilding; elk populations; appreciating wolves; eating bears; why he likes to hunt; grizzly bear problems; Louis Theroux’s African Hunting Holiday documentary; high-fence hunting; Outdoor Channel won’t show high-fence hunting; Ted Nugent’s high-fence ranch; bait hunting; naturally hunting animals; argument of using weapons to hunt; atlatl weapon; a long bow is the most difficult weapon to use; hunting with a helicopter; Steve’s brother hunting elk; hunting blue grouse; determined and tenacious hunters; travelling to Bolivia; Bolivian indigenous hunters; killing and eating monkey; leaving modern weapons with the indigenous people; letting the indigenous people shoot his compound bow; becoming friendly with them; why they went to Bolivia; learning more from the indigenous people; Schmidt pain index; being stung by a bullet ant; Joe’s story of getting stung by a wasp; Steve getting stung by a lion fish; nile crocodiles in Florida; why people manipulate wildlife; non-indigenous animals thriving where they shouldn’t; the craziness of Flordia; Florida will become flooded; eating coca leaves with the Bolivians; Bolivians drinking moonshine and chewing coca leaves while hunting; being aware of your surroundings; walking barefoot; electroshocking fish; Verizon pulling the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel.

My Thoughts: Good if you like hunting. I don’t, but still enjoyed some of Steve’s stories. Hearing Joe talk again about vegan and anti-hunting hypocrites is getting old.

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