The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 708 with Steven Crowder

Episode Number: 708
Episode Guest: Steven Crowder
Original Airdate: October 14, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, LegalZoom, DraftKings, ZipRecruiter, Onnit

Guest Bio: Steven Crowder is an actor, comedian, and former contributor for the Fox News Channel. He currently runs his own website and also a podcast called Louder With Crowder.

Topics Discussed: YouTube comments and being called a “jew fag”; Candyman movie; Altered States movie; Wild Kratts TV show; difference between alligators and crocodiles; invasive species in America; Asian carp; whale jumps on kayakers video; seeing whales in real life; Lena Dunham and other comedians and actors blocking Steven; people being offended by his act; being abstinent from sex for religious reasons; Harrison Greenbaum on Last Comic Standing; Alex Jones; doing impressions during his act; PC culture infecting stand-up comedy scene; stand-up forced to pay damages to woman he made fun of during his act; Westboro Baptist Church; Brazilians and racism; straight voice and gay voice; female comedian who married two gay guys; female comedians; straight guys doing gay jobs for money; saying “indigenous” rather than Native American or Eskimo; political correctness and social justice warriors; Ben Carson’s beliefs; democratic debates; black lives matter; Shaun King; Planned Parenthood videos; Brietbart ACORN scandal videos; how pimps and prostitutes dress; Joe’s Las Vegas prostitute story; Planned Parenthood videos; abortion talk; Richard Dawkins Tweets that an unborn fetus is less human than an adult pig; Trevor Noah stealing jokes; story about meeting Clint Eastwood, former mayor of Carmel, California; beating women in movies; feminism in Mad Max Fury Road; girls can be bisexual, guys are just gay if they’re curious; progressives attacking stand-up comedians; Joe getting nasty comments from vegans after posting hunting pictures online; vegans feeding meat to their pets; Cecil the lion controversy; Val Kilmer and Batman movies; Marlon Brando; James Dean; when wearing leather became gay; Porsche James Dean died in; doing UFC commentary and explaining moves; Steven’s dad doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu; strength training; sport jiu-jitsu; Taekwondo; South Africans; Lethal Weapon movie; Mel Gibson voicemails, racism, and other craziness; corn-fed and grass-fed meat; deer accidents in Michigan; Steven’s dog afraid of black men and boys; dogs afraid of kids; rescue dogs; hating wealthy people; gun control and background checks; gun show loophole; Steven’s “Qur’an Challenge” videos; enforcing and following religious scripture today; religious talk; Ben Carson’s thoughts on Islam; the Vatican’s gay bath house; Pope Benedict shielded pedophiles; Steven’s feelings on religion; atheist ideology and what they believe; the big bang; the possibility of a miracle and missing evidence; Amy Schumer and gun control; gun control debates on The View; comedians not being allowed to say certain things; Sarah Silverman’s comedy; Steven’s religious upbringing in Quebec, Canada; Steven’s Lena Dunham video; Lena Dunham’s rape allegations; drunk people having sex; other recent rape stories; Carroll Dunham’s (Lena’s dad’s) paintings; Girls TV show has terrible ratings; The Walking Dead TV show; saying “retarded”; words that aren’t racist or bad until people decide it is; Rachel Dolezal; professional victims; Caitlyn Jenner; Buck Angel challenged Steven to a fight; Fallon Fox; male bodies vs. female bodies; BPA plastics and estrogen; gun control due to mass shootings; violating First Amendment rights; Hunter S. Thompson starts drug rumor about Ed Muskie; Steven punched by union protestor; money, politics, and unions; UFC and the culinary union; mutual combat laws; Phoenix Jones; domestic abuse by women; Ronda Rousey beat up her boyfriend; domestic violence in lesbian community; story of girl trying to hit Joe; Guy Mezger’s therapy; Brazilian jiu-jitsu politics; BJJ talk; Bob Sapp; Chuck Liddell; Demetrious Johnson; heavyweights; Georges St-Pierre; Firas Zahabi.

My Thoughts: This guy is married and says he’s not gay, but based on his voice, he sounds super gay. Like, that super flamboyant kind of gay voice.

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