The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 704 with Alonzo Bodden

Episode Number: 704
Episode Guest: Alonzo Bodden
Original Airdate: October 5, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, Pond5, MeUndies,, Squarespace, Onnit

Guest Bio: Alonzo Bodden is a stand-up comedian and winner of the third season of Last Comic Standing. He also hosts his own podcast called Who’s Paying Attention? available on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: El Nino; predicting the weather; weathermen; Fritz Coleman; comics and scandals; Katt Williams; working on cruise ships; domestic fights and murders that happen on cruises; marriage and divorce; people change as they age; getting married early; DUIs and bail money; Joe’s story about a friend who killed someone while driving drunk; plastic surgeon who tweeted about his dog before driving off a cliff; driving while drunk compared to driving while high; Alonzo’s story about being busted for having fake crack; quitting crack; his first time doing crack; selling everything for crack; chasing the dragon; cocaine; cocaine can eat through your nose; cocaine and exercise; how to smoke crack; hitting rock bottom; starting rehab; beginning comedy; drug addicts and hepatitis C; race car drivers; Rush movie; F1 driving; NASCAR; Danica Patrick; female bodies; sex and advertising; being fit and doing comedy; comedians who look funny; Joey Diaz; George Carlin; Billy Cosby; Joe working with Richard Pryor towards the end of his life; Don Rickles; Buddy Hackett; working in strip clubs; male strippers; male strippers who go gay for pay; female comedians; Tammy Pescatteli; doing the Last Comic Standing TV show; Jay London; Joe’s Last Comic Standing Buddy Hackett story; stealing jokes; being on Last Comic Standing as a comic and a judge; Last Comic Standing producers wanted certain people to win; playing a bouncer on TV; Last Comic Standing today; jealous girlfriends; getting caught up in other peoples’ problems; Alonzo’s first TV job; acting jobs and learning the production of TV shows; first working with Joe; gaining respect from other comedians; George Wallace’s Las Vegas show; marketing; Carrot Top; doing a Las Vegas show; visiting Las Vegas; living in Las Vegas; Las Vegas is the best and worst of the United States; Las Vegas after the economy crashed; where comics choose to live; new comedians who grew up with the internet; musicians compared to comics; comics who do other comics’ material; Kain Carter stole Patrice O’Neal’s jokes; joke thieves; Michael Richards doing stand-up comedy; Bill Cosby; drugging people to have sex with them; Thriller; Michael Jackson; fame; being starstruck; why Bill Cosby drugged and raped women; what will happen to Bill Cosby; Jared from Subway paid off his victims; the Jared Fogle case; being attracted to high school-age girls; ages of consent; dating older women compared to younger women; having a child later in life; comics die either young or old; old comics; Rodney Dangerfield; wearing robes and slippers; doing radio shows while on the road; Steve Harvey and his books; people wanting tickets to things; comedians working hard; having ambition; openers who steal material; Alonzo doing the podcast festival; doing a podcast; working with friends; local comedians; Tony Rock; famous siblings; Chris Farley and his drug use; Eric Clapton and his drug use; Narcos Netflix show; Coca-Cola uses real coca leaves in the production of Coke; liquid cocaine; lidocaine; morphine drips; marijuana; ACL surgeries; Nyquil with codeine; Joe’s shoulder problem and stem cells; Ben Carson; Donald Trump; Hillary Clinton; Bernie Sanders; taxes; the military industrial complex; free college; education; making less losers; guns; potential problems in the future.

My Thoughts: They cover a lot of ground, from Alonzo’s drug use, old comedians, more drug use, and the presidential candidates. Worth a listen if you want to listen in on two comedians and old friends have a conversation.

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