The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 703 with Brian Redban

Episode Number: 703
Episode Guest: Brian Redban
Original Airdate: October 1, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, LegalZoom, Blue Apron, DraftKings, Onnit

Guest Bio: Brian Redban is a stand-up comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network.

Topics Discussed: Mountain lion climbed a telephone pole in Californiathe third rail of a subway; winter; El Nino; the age of the Sphinx and water erosion; California’s Walter Lake disappears overnight; Castaic Lake; concrete that can absorb water quickly; junkies and meth; legality of cocaine; alcohol; rock star cocaine in the 1980s; smoking crack; difference in the penalty of possessing cocaine compared to crack; police weigh the plant and soil in marijuana grow bust cases; learning from others’ mistakes; Coca-Cola uses real coca leaves in the production of Coke; Mountain Dew’s connection to moonshine; moonshine; absinthe; absinthe’s ban and the wine industry; anti-drug television ad where a dog talks to a girl; alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical companies advertise against drug use; ketamine and depression; peyote; ayahuasca deaths; DMT; drug dosages; Joey Diaz and Lee eating edibles; Joey Diaz and edibles; Chris Christie wants to raid pot shops; Ben Carson; tortured geniuses; proof of God; religion and school; the Old Testament was written a thousand years after the events in the book; the pope; the pope meets with Kim Davis; the pope washes peoples’ feet; dominatrix/humiliatrix who wears then sells her stinky socks; wool socks; merino wool; foot bath detox scam; cleanses; ocular migraines; starting at screens; Take Off Your Glasses and See book; eyeball kiss; eye herpes; eye staph; surfer’s eye; eye sunburns; Edward Snowden joins Twitter; Edward Snowden on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk Radio show; Obama and Edward Snowden; NSA surveillance; Facebook cookies and tracking; Google ads based on your search queries; transcription; emojis; heiroglyphs; Library of Alexandria; pyramids; Sphinx restoration and construction; patterned concrete; old buildings; old London pubs; London, England; Sweden; black cab drivers vs. Uber; shutting down streets; Los Angeles traffic; moving to Denver, Colorado; Portland, Oregon; new Tesla X car; BMW i3 electric car; electric cars; Fisker Karma cars explode during Hurricane Sandy; Thunder Power EV electric car; new Jaguar coupe; new Jeep Renegade mini jeepVolkswagen controversy; Volkswagen cars; Audi emissions scandal; Joe says Brian should get a Mustang GT; automated self-driving cars; drones; Saudi prince flees United States after posting bail; watching foreigners on Periscope; Brian’s bad tooth; dentists; doctor receives house arrest for raping, molesting, and photographing patients; Brian’s fear of dentists; stem cell dental implants; stem cells and Joe’s shoulder; deer kill elk; Oregon school shooting; gun control; crazy people are the problem, not guns; Joe and Brian shooting hard drives; the new iPhone is waterproofSamsung Galaxy Active cell phone.

My Thoughts: Joe and Brian talking about a lot of stuff.

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