The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 702 with Milo Yiannopoulos

Episode Number: 702
Episode Guest: Milo Yiannopoulos
Original Airdate: September 30, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, Pond5, Dollar Shave Club, Onnit

Guest Bio: Milo Yiannopoulos is a writer and broadcaster. He is a senior editor at and a regular contributor to Sky News and the BBC.

Topics Discussed: How Joe found out about Milo; about Milo and his tweets; arguing against liberals; starting a war not a debate; gender warriors; social justice warriors are bullies; Patreon feminists; “quantum superstate feminism”; woman who tweeted about eating men for breakfast; meninists; woman joked about putting men in internment camps; circumcisions. mohel gives herpes to baby after circumcision by sucking his penis; Bill Cosby’s rape accusers; false rape accusations create moral panic in the media; The Factual Feminist; gender myths; the pay gap between men and women; men work more than women; Men Going Their Own Way movement; male suicide; sticking up for men; male feminists; feminists pull fire alarm so men’s rights activist couldn’t give lecture in Toronto; Milo’s public speaking engagements; joking about rape; women as they get older; guys becoming bitter with women; misogyny from men who aren’t good with women; feminists affecting laws; Obama repeating talking points created by feminists; Donald Trump; the United States education system; the British monarchy; Obama is bad for America; Obama is making America like Europe; the United States is founded on British values; countries where Britain explored have become better because of it; net neutrality; the UN broadband commission wants to censor the internet to make it safer for women; normal people are boring; internet comments; Milo’s article on pedophile; the progressive left are backing pedophiles; pedophilia is the next civil rights frontier; sex changes; transgender campaigners; transgender MMA fighters; Milo’s life as a gay man; people are weak and should be sent to boot camp; gays in the military; how a person’s diet makes them smell; the scent of a man; why are some men gay; Milo is bored being gay; becoming straight; new gender-neutral pronouns; Bruce Jenner; the Kardashian family; men who become transexual become very feminine; constructive genderism; black lives matter activists; Shaun King; DeRay Mckesson; Milo doesn’t like that black guys can be gay; Milo doesn’t like gays; gay people have become bullies; Oregon bakery refuses to bake wedding cake for lesbian couple; Milo wants AIDS so he can be thinner; Kim Davis; gays are bullying religious people; Milo’s religious beliefs; atheists are bleak and boring; circumcisions; religion and the human spirit; importance of religion to our culture; more religion talk; the semen warriors of Papua New Guinea; places are fucked without Judeo-Christian values; being a gay man and religious; being self-loathing; would Milo turn straight if he could; Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus helps people pray the gay away, and is possibly gay himself; KKK leader caught with black male prostitute; being born gay isn’t real, but rather a marketing gimmick; assigning sexuality and gender to children; is being born gay real; Joe tells the story of Moses and the burning bush; DMT; The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross book; Milo gave a priest a blowjob as a teenager; finding teenagers attractive; Milo’s sexuality as teen; Bryan Singer’s pool parties; Milo recounts attending Hollywood parties with very young boys; Andy Cohen apologizes after using the word “twink”; progressives policing homosexuality; feminists are disproportionately poor; getting a straight razor shave; guy who got his throat slit while getting a shave; San Andreas movie; The Rock; Peter Deusberg’s theory that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS; Milo doesn’t believe that climate change is the result of humans; vaccinations; gay people aren’t able to donate blood; 97% of climate scientists agree on climate change; climate change is about politics; we should be pursuing renewable energy; fracking; fracking wells in the USA; Ann Coulter; being a troll; Joe is an atheist; the translation of the bible and possible inaccuracies.

My Thoughts: This guy is quite a character. He talks a lot, and very quickly. I tend to listen to podcasts at 2x normal speed, but I had to slow that down for this guy. Joe and Milo get into heated debates about circumcision and religion and also talk about gender, feminism, and being gay.

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