The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 697 with Christopher Ryan

Episode Number: 697
Episode Guest: Christopher Ryan
Original Airdate: September 17, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, DraftKings, Ting, Onnit

Guest Bio: Christopher Ryan, PhD is a psychologist, speaker, and author of the New York Times best seller Sex at Dawn.

Topics Discussed: Steve Rannazzisi’s lie about being in the World Trade Center on 9/11; having your own business; is who you are as a person based on past life experiences; being authentic; what fame is like; meeting famous people; Kiss (the band) and wearing makeup; Iron Maiden’s singer is a pilot; old planes; horse running photographs, one of the earliest movies; pathological leaders and sexual frustration; materialism and evolution; grasshoppers become locusts; population and growth; future of humanity; Kickstarter and crowd funding; voting online; mob mentality; individuality is an illusion; loneliness; humanity is one big organism; lipstick and Egyptian prostitutes; the burning of the Library of Alexandria; asteroid impacts wiping out humanity; The World Without Us book; mountain lion hunters; animal management; the cobra effect; Australia’s history with rabbits; Cane Toads: An Unnatural History documentary; rabbit growth and death cycle; A Short History of Progress book; “Woodstock” song by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young; girls who have read Chris’ Sex at Dawn book; women’s clothing; creep shaming; Joe’s Maxim article “Why Working Out is Like Building a Sand Castle”; figuring life out as you age; jobs requiring constant communication; jobs that require drug tests; Chris moving back to Spain; how Spanish life is compared to American life; tipping waiters; the toll of being artificially happy; the police in Spain; growing weed in Spain; tolerance for ambiguity; property seizures and asset forfeiture; the collapse of the United States; The Fog of War documentary; The Corporation documentary; businesses and infinite growth; doctors in Europe; vacation time for Europeans; why Westerners avoid pleasure; Shell TV “because you have to” commercial; Cadillac “the best” TV commercial; saying the word “bro”; kissing hello in Europe; Donald Trump says he would date his daughter; keeping your thoughts pure; sinning; confession; the boundaries of desire; sex and punishment; erotic plasticity and fetishes; humiliatrix Ceara Lynch; ball torture; being sexually malleable; The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross book; The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Christian Myth book; is crazy more exciting; Joe taking testosterone; Joe’s thyroid issues; effects of too much testosterone; pee boners and erections; sheep and goats having sex; effects of testosterone on the body and mind; sex with new women and the production of testosterone; cars and testosterone; fecal transplants; European food and drinks; “Searching for the Grey Market Foods of New York City” article; cheese mites and cheese legality; Fear Factor cheese eating; Anthony Bourdain training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; Anthony Bourdain’s TV shows; food is art; Soylent meal replacement drink; Jiro Dreams of Sushi documentary; device to clean plastic from the ocean; directing where your tax money goes; a need for bad things and people; how to end violence; The Seven Five documentary; drug abuse act of the 1970’s; psychotic people; mental health workers; dealing with other peoples’ problems; toxic people; Chris’ new book; Joe dealing with Comedy Central and his comedy special; clean comedians; Doug Stanhope; Joe giving back his advance money for writing a book; Chris making a book about his podcast; YouTube content; freedom of the internet; focus of power.

My Thoughts: I was dreading listening to this but it wasn’t that bad. Chris can be a funny guy at times. They jump all over the place when talking without staying on one topic for very long.

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