The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 696 with Lewis from Unbox Therapy (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 696
Episode Guest: Lewis from Unbox Therapy
Original Airdate: September 16, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, Squarespace, Onnit

Guest Bio: Unbox Therapy is a YouTube channel “where products get naked.” Lewis does in-depth reviews of new tech products releasing to the consumer market.

Topics Discussed: Updating software; Samsung Galaxy S6 virtual reality with Gear VR; virtual reality and glasses; Occulus Rift; Ari Shaffir going from a smart phone to a flip phone; Joe trying virtual reality piano demo; Google Jump camera; omnidirectional treadmills; exercising to TV shows; DVDs; silent movies and talkies; Nosferatu movie; Independence Day: Resurgence movie; blue screen computer effects compared to practical effects; domesticated wolves; werewolf dog muzzle; the uncanny valley; video game evolution; Grand Theft Auto V graphic mods and improvementsHTC Vive virtual reality; new Apple TV media streaming device; 4K adoption rate; internet speeds; ISPs and Netflix; data plans throughout the world; WhatsApp; roaming fees; fiber internet; Google Fiber; Google security; Gmail; ad blocking; Unbox Therapy iPhone bend test video has almost 70 million views; iPhone 6S and 6S Plus; strength of new iPhone; testing the new iPhone’s metal body; new glass; battery cases for cell phones; iPhone 6S and 6S Plus has smaller batteries than their predecessors; Samsung Galaxy S6 Active; Samsung Galaxy S6 camera compared to the iPhone 6S camera; Samsung Galaxy Mega phablet; phablets; Huawei phones; iPad Pro; Wacom Cintiq tablets; using pens on a screen; smart watches; Beverly Hills real estate; Saudi Arabian and Chinese millionaires buying Beverly Hills real estate; getting lucrative; Saudi Arabian license plates; buying cars to impress others; branding; buying a car; Samsung makes weapons; drones and legality; drones and their enthusiasts; Muslim teen arrested for bringing homemade clock to school; people being mean to others online; Walter Palmer, Cecil the lion’s killerBlack Mirror TV show; news today; news crew shooting and autoplay videos online; disturbing videos; embedding videos; stealing content; the Fat Jew; liking things online; Nick Diaz’s drug test failure and suspension; weed and performance enhancement; caffeine; performance enhancing drugs; athletic commissions; Las Vegas; threshold for pain; Jon Jones and Uriah Hall toe injuries; adrenaline; drug testing; drug punishment; Wanderlei Silva’s lifetime ban; drug testing for civilians; Nick Diaz’s fines; Nick Diaz’s healthy lifestyle; Nick Diaz’s popularity; stem cells and healing benefits; steroids in combat sports; creating a UFC island for fights without rules; anger and conflict online; communities online; Jimmy Kimmel crying about Cecil the lionKim Davis and Mike Huckabee; religion cherrypickers; religion talk and the internet; Google Project Loon WiFi balloons; North Korea; control of information; power and corruption; North Korea; marijuana in Canada; LCBO and alcohol in Ontario; drive-thru liquor stores; Phoenix freeway shooter; marijuana in Las Vegas.

My Thoughts: I love technology and enjoy when this guy is on the podcast. The VR headset you use with your phone is intriguing. Towards the end of the podcast the discussion shifts from tech to Nick Diaz and other random topics.

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