The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 695 with Sebastian Maniscalco (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 695
Episode Guest: Sebastian Maniscalco
Original Airdate: September 9, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, ZipRecruiter, LegalZoom, DraftKings, Onnit

Guest Bio: Sebastian Maniscalco is a stand-up comedian and he also hosts his own podcast with Pete Correale called The Pete and Sebastian Show available on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: First meeting Joe; The Comedy Store 15 years ago; clothing choices in the past; his modelling photos; Joe bombing on stage wearing Z. Cavaricci jeans; what men would wear if there were no women; women making men dress up nice when they go out; Barbell Apparel Jeans; shopping on Melrose now compared to then; skateboarder goes 70mph down hill video; Dean Delray’s motorcycle accident; Joe almost got a motorcycle; Frank Mir’s motorcycle crash; motorcycles allowed to drive between cars in California; hoverboards; China’s fake Apple store and fake cities; black culture; American comedians; comedians disappearing; no age limit to comedy; feeling comfortable on stage; making other comedians laugh; Sebastian’s special; finding your rhythm; Mitch Hedberg; taking Sandy Shore’s comedy class; getting bad comedy advice; starting out; character comedians; Emo Phillips; Andrew “Dice” Clay; stories about working with Dice; what time they go to bed at; being jealous of other comedians’ careers; working with comics; Joe’s TV career; becoming a paid regular and hitting personal milestones; working as a waiter; working at The Laugh Factory; not fitting in; Kill Tony show; Samsung Note 5 cell phone; Kim Davis; gays shouldn’t want to marry because marriage sucks; Brian explains getting banned by Amazon; Apple’s new devices; Narcos Netflix show; narcos of Instagram; fake butts; El Chapo’s prison escape; legalizing drugs; prostitution; strippers getting lucrative; going gay for pay; Joe first getting into weed; edibles; going gluten-free; eating pasta; drinking alcohol; vape pens; documentaries The Culture High and The Union; marijuana addictions; other addictions; candy flipping; eating mushrooms; psychedelic weed; doing yoga; heat shock therapy; stretching and flexibility; Brian whining about not having enough money or time; having a job while doing comedy; Italians and cleanliness; keeping cars clean; car scents; Drakkar Noir and cologne; Sebastian’s secret handshake.

My Thoughts: I’ve heard other comics mention this guy on other podcasts. He was actually pretty funny! I always appreciate someone who is self-deprecating who can make fun of themselves and the choices they’ve made in the past. I probably like when others can do that because I can’t do that myself.

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