The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 694 with Jane McGonigal

Episode Number: 694
Episode Guest: Jane McGonigal
Original Airdate: September 8, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, MeUndies, DraftKings,, Onnit

Guest Bio: Jane McGonigal is a game designer and author who advocates the use of mobile and digital technology to channel positive attitudes and collaboration in a real world context. Her new book SuperBetter is available September 15, 2015.

Topics Discussed: Why create a game for concussion recovery; how her injury happened; symptoms of having a concussion; concussion damage and recovery; having suicidal thoughts after a concussion; healing; why she decided to make the game; trying different things to promote brain health; creating the game; Jane’s “Why I’m Making a Concussion Recovery Game” video; realizing she was knocked out when she was younger; being afraid of life now; guy skateboards down hill at 70mph video; Russian daredevils; choosing to stop watching football after concussion; players retiring due to concussions; tennis player withdraws from US Open after concussion; cold therapy; cryotherapy; Cryohelmet; being vulnerable; introverts and extroverts; becoming extroverted after her concussion; online interactions; playing online compared to with others in the same room; watching someone play a game on Twitch; performing better at something after watching someone do it well; everything changes your brain; seeing an avatar of yourself do something; positive visualization; visualization and self-efficacy; dopamine release with prediction and anticipation of goals; competition; chess; game addiction; overcoming addiction; The Biology of Desire book; game addiction; Joe’s various addictions and overcoming them; feeling high when doing something and the flow state; falling in love; becoming addicted to a person; life is a game; choosing to be impressed by or jealous of someone; school compared to the real world; micro-aggressions; Nobel Prize-winning scientist thinks men and women shouldn’t work together in a lab; recreational outrage; changing the rules of the game; playing Tetris after traumatic events can help recovery; Mike Huckabee and Kim Davis; movement towards acceptance; seeing people as babies; Joe taming his feral cat; positive aspects of social media.

My Thoughts: Kind of dry and boring. I want to give myself a concussion to forget it.

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