The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 689 with Abby Martin

Episode Number: 689
Episode Guest: Abby Martin
Original Airdate: August 25, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, DraftKings, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Uber, Onnit

Guest Bio: Abby Martin is an American journalist and former host of Breaking the Set for RT America. Check out her work at Media Roots.

Topics Discussed: Safari guide killed by Cecil the lion’s cousin; why do we care about Cecil the lion; 5,000 children per day die in Africa from a lack of clean drinking water; Cecil the lion outrage; backlash from Abby wearing a “Fuck Chris Kyle” T-shirt; American Sniper inaccuracies and unknowns; the American Sniper movie; Iraq war casualties; Abby and Sam Harris’ feud; ISIS recent beheading and destruction; Obama and Syria; Muslims vs. Muslims; John McCain playing poker on phone during Syria debate; Vladimir Putin; Roy Jones Jr. applies for Russian citizenship; Jonathan Snowden in Russia; Obama’s rise to presidency; Libya; Gaddafi killed video; drone bombing videos; can we justify war with ISIS; how to stop ISIS; Abby’s new TV show The Empire Files on teleSUR; anniversary of the atomic bomb; video of soldiers running towards atomic bomb test blast; nuclear bomb test in ocean video; the bomb didn’t need to dropped; addition of “under God” to Pledge of AllegianceJesse Ventura and Chris Kyle controversy; militarization of society; Gonzo Hunter S. Thompson documentary; Hunter S. Thompson started Edmund Muskie drug rumor; Obama on Marc Maron’s podcast; antimatter weapons; Star Wars program; blowing up an asteroid; Star Wars scientists killed; Pat Tillman’s story; Jessica Lynch’s story; sanctioned murder; Obama tweeting; watching oddities and people suffer; My Strange Addiction TV show; fake reality shows; skyquakes on Joe Rogan Questions Everything; conspiracy theory-based TV shows; mind control experiments; LSD; visiting Utah; Bryce Canyon arches; Mormons and the lost tribe of Israel; the Mormonism story; Joseph Smith; Mitt Romney’s Mexican Mormon family story; Mitt Romney and Monsanto; Planned Parenthood videos; Rush Limbaugh calling a girl “slut” for wanting birth control; Ted Cruz talks like a gay man; Rick Perry’s Niggerhead Ranch; Abby’s artwork; downtown Los Angeles; Skid Row; homeless and the mentally ill; Cuba has no homeless people, no crime, and no trash; Cuba’s doctors; why people leave Cuba; America’s Cuban immigrant policy; America’s Guantanemo Bay lease; Saudi women can vote; King Abdullah’s daughters locked in bunker.

My Thoughts: Nice short podcast. Two hours is the sweet spot, anything more is a little exhausting.

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