The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 685 with Jeff Novitzky

Episode Number: 685
Episode Guest: Jeff Novitzky
Original Airdate: August 18, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, Squarespace, LegalZoom, Dollar Shave Club, Onnit

Guest Bio: Jeff Novitzky is the VP of athlete health and performance for the UFC.

Topics Discussed: Congress going after athletes; Barry Bonds case; impact of athlete’s steroid use on kids; cycling and steroids; biological passport testing; animal testosterone and testing; keeping old blood for future drug testing in the UFC; Alex Rodriguez’s use of PEDs; Jose Canseco’s Jucied book; baseball today; steroids and fighting; testosterone replacement therapy; testosterone and traumatic brain injury; TRT abuse; therapeutic use exemptions; IV bans; oral rehydration; weight cutting and weight classes; UFC adding more weight classes; IVs during camp; punishment for failing tests; mental burden of doping; testing travelling athletes; altitude training, cryogenic chambers, and other legal performance enhancing methods; EPO; reaction from fighters; Vitor Belfort’s suspicious testosterone levels; testosterone and epitestosterone ratio; testing time of day; USADA’s abuse hotline; BALCO case; Victor Conte; Jose Aldo and IVs; Conor McGregor; UFC injuries and rehab; training properly; impact of weight cuts; Travis Lutter; health problems from weight cuts; matching fighters based on size not weight; new PEDs; Anderson Silva’s NSAC suspension; accidental contamination; testing over-the-counter supplements; USADA Supplement 411; banning machines or systems; gene doping; bodybuilders; myostatin inhibitors; natural genetic advantages; supplement ingredients from China; WADA’s prohibited list; Anderson Silva and out-of-competition testing; in and out-of-competition testing; recreational drugs; Jon Jones testing positive for cocaine out-of-competition; acceptable levels of marijuana; Nick Diaz fought high during Anderson Silva fight; weed’s effect on athletes; is marijuana a performance enhancing drug; how often will fighters be tested; Rafael dos Anjos; looking like a fighter is on steroids; anonymous false tips; new types of testing; UFC is the only sport with independent drug testing; football and PEDs; Wanderlei Silva and running from a drug test; Jose Aldo’s recent drug test.

My Thoughts: Interesting stuff if you’re a fan of UFC or sports in general. Sticks to the topic at hand. Joe has gotten good lately at not going off on tangents about things that he’s passionate about.

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