The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 679 with Barry Crimmins and Bobcat Goldthwait

Episode Number: 679
Episode Guest: Barry Crimmins and Bobcat Goldthwait
Original Airdate: August 6, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, Dollar Shave Club, Onnit

Guest Bio: Call Me Lucky is a documentary about the life and traumatic childhood experiences of Boston stand-up comedy legend Barry Crimmins that was directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. Limited release in theaters starts August 7, 2015. Visit to find a screening near you.

Topics Discussed: Boston comedy; comedians bombing; developing as a stand-up in Boston; radio interviews; Ryan Seacrest; God Bless America movie; standing for something; finding your voice; fear; Barry revealing the rape; living in New York; acid; drugs and sounds; acid; moving back to New York; starting a podcast; visiting Boston; revealing on stage that he was molested; AOL and child pornography; baiting child pornographers on AOL; revisiting the basement where he was molested; NAMBLA connection to the Powder movie; director Victor Salva; NAMBLA philosophy; Jeff Goldblum and Powder; revenge on the rapist; empowering people; what he wants for punishment; how people become rapists; why the abused become abusers; difficulty of sharing his story; what’s next; doing stand-up; Steven Wright; Bobcat at the Gathering of the Juggalos.

My Thoughts: Short podcast. Barry gets drunk and talks about being abused. Not as dark as you might think, though it has its moments. Worth listening to for details about the movie Powder and its director.

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