The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 677 with Josh Zepps

Episode Number: 677
Episode Guest: Josh Zepps
Original Airdate: August 3, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Onnit, LegalZoom,

Guest Bio: Josh Zepps is the host of HuffPost Live and We The People Live available on iTunes and at

Topics Discussed: Ronda Rousey; Peter Singer and animal liberation; lobster liberation; killing bugs; animal hierarchy; Cecil the lion; African poachers; Jon Ronson; trophy hunting; Jericho the lion; Bears documentary; bears kill bear cubs; March of the Penguins documentary; leopard seals; lions killing cubs; poachers and ivory; legality of killing poachers; sharks; Zachary Anderson statutory rape charge; wanting to win; police quotas; white rhino hunt; hunting for conservation; wolves; whaling; Australia and rabbits; New Zealand’s animals; Australia hunting; New Zealand’s animals; elk hunting; fresh eggs; chickens; Joe feeding a mouse to his chickens; China’s recreated cities; China’s consumerism; capitalism and communism; modern cars; the car industry; Hyundai cars; modern American cars; hacking cars; Michael Hastings; Adderall; competitive video game drug testing; doping; Jeff Novitsky; Lance Armstrong; Tour du France; ultra marathons; athletes and marijuana; Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and marijuana; effects of weed; psychedelics; hot yoga; isolation tanks; Stephen Hawking and Russia search for aliens; life and the universe; artificial life and intelligence; downloading consciousness; aliens; the image of God; destroying ourselves; ancient structures; supervolcanoes; human extinction; Pompeii bodies; Yellowstone volcano; asteroids and meteors; nuclear waste; nuclear power; pebble-bed reactorsMerchants of Doubt documentary; television debates; the news; lobbying; chemicals in America; trans fats; Richard Dawkins Tweets about feminism and Islam; desire to win; bad things make you appreciate the good; airports and TSA workers; Global Entry; Amy Schumer feminism article; Vagina Monologues performance cancelled because it’s not trans inclusive; people and tribes; Apple products; penile enlargements; early adopters; smartphone 3D hologram projector; Magic Leap; Microsoft HoloLens; 3D porn; what is real; simulation theory.

My Thoughts: Not bad, though nothing groundbreaking.

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