The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 676 with Esther Ku (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 676
Episode Guest: Esther Ku
Original Airdate: July 29, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Uber, DraftKings, Ting, Caveman Coffee, Onnit

Guest Bio: Esther Ku is a stand-up comedian and is also known from the MTV shows Girl Code and Wild ‘n’ Out.

Topics Discussed: Cecil the lion’s death; giraffes fighting video; 100 days and nights; her starting comedy; offending the audience; comedy clubs; her start; selling pens; driving; girls and cocaine; cocaine; ecstasy; quitting smoking; reading books; artificial eyeball lens; putting microchips in our kids; eye in the sky camera; Jeffery Lash, dead ex-CIA agent who thought he was an alien hybrid; Kevin Hart movies; Inherent Vice movie; doing the Girl Code TV show; talking head shows; The Byron Allen Show; talk shows; Tonight Starring Steve Allen; Frank Zappa on Tonight Starring Steve Allen video; Frank Zappa’s music; stereo music; people were dumber; cooking; lamb; cooking meat; game meat; deer talk; Michigan car and deer collisions; car bumpers for hitting deer; Donald Trump; Chris Christie; big guys have big dicks; doing stand-up for black rooms; Martin Lawrence; VJs and DJs; smoking cigarettes and weed in public; second hand highs; smoking on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson video; pleading the fifth; Suge Knight falling in court; falling down and osteoporosis; breaking ribs; head trauma; Esther’s mugging story; hits in the head; lady with her hands cut off story; depression; suicide; porn addiction; other addictions and obsessions; porn talk; Los Angeles comedy; Kill Tony podcast; Roast Battle show; marriage; alimony; divorce; prenuptial agreements; gay couples; transgender; using wrong pronoun; women peeing; camping; campers robbed; living on an island; Rebecca Zahau’s death on Coronado Island; baby floating in a pool video; dead man found in Demi Moore’s pool; Bryan Singer’s pool parties; Don Barris; Brody Stevens; winning crowds over; being mean on stage; butts vs. penises; getting older; healing injuries; stem cell injections; cadaver tendons used in ACL surgery; quitting smoking; menstrual pain.

My Thoughts: No idea who this girl is, so she must be a friend of Brian’s. Don’t remember her being particularly funny.

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