The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 673 with Nick DiPaolo and Adam Lowery (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 673
Episode Guest: Nick DiPaolo, Adam Lowery, and Brian Redban
Original Airdate: July 22, 2015
Episode Sponsors: DraftKings, Uber, ZipRecruiter, Dollar Shave Club, Onnit

Guest Bio: Nick DiPaolo is a writer and stand-up comedian. His latest special Another Senseless Killing is available now at and on iTunes. Adam Lowery is a master of mental health and a life transition specialist. More information about his work is available at

Topics Discussed (with Nick DiPaolo and Brian Redban): El Chapo escape; no privacy in jail; shitting in public places; Ebola; Liberia; cisgender; hair lips; Stacy Keach; Stacy Keach’s Opie and Anthony show intro; Dennis Farina; Joe starting the podcast; Tom Green; Opie and Anthony show; Nick and Artie Lange’s TV show; Waze; Seaworld infiltrates PETA; emasculation of Hollywood; Nick on Newsradio; memory and aging; P90X; Insanity workout; exercising on Xbox Kinect; UFC Personal Trainer Xbox Kinect video game; The Great Gazoo; The Flintstones; old TV shows; Cuba; exercising; cooking Blue Apron meals; kettlebells; P. Diddy attacked someone with a kettlebell; sports; Artie Lange; comedy clubs; sound in clubs; comedy in Boston; old comedy stories; Teddy Bergeron; memory, dreams, and marijuana; cat shit coffee; Dr. Oz; Oprah; TV ratings; radio ratings; Shazam; Xbox One and Kinect; relaxing; fishing vs. hunting; shark fins; surfer fights shark video; mob movies; Insanity workout; Autumn Calabrese; Thigh Master; Bill Cosby; Los Angeles compared to New York.

Topics Discussed (with everyone):

Amy Schumer; Medicare scams in drug treatment facilities; process of the facility; Florida; Suboxone; methadone with cross on tablet; drug tests; what Adam does now; mushrooms for addiction treatment; The Oxycontin Express documentary; is addiction a disease; the brain on drugs; fixing drug issues; crowd funding; kids and Adderall; caffeine; coffee; Alpha Brain and New Mood; depression on mushrooms; Bill Hicks; sugar; Ronda Rousey; molesting; geechees term; Tom or Black? game; airport issues; marijuana addiction; addiction therapy; heroin vs. methadone; pain pills; morphine; football injuries; Joe seeing Nick for the first time; watching drug addiction; is addiction a disease; bipolar disorder; family violence; having a hair trigger; outlets for violence; football injuries; Sam Kinison’s car accident; antidepressants.

My Thoughts: Great episode until it comes to a grinding halt halfway through when Adam Lowery arrives and the tone chances completely.

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