The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 670 with Michael A. Wood, Jr.

Episode Number: 670
Episode Guest: Michael A. Wood, Jr.
Original Airdate: July 8, 2015
Episode Sponsors: ZipRecruiter, Ting, Onnit

Guest Bio: Michael A. Wood, Jr. is a retired Baltimore police officer and veteran of the USMC. He recently made the news for publicly speaking out against police brutality and has become a proponent of a new era of policing.

Topics Discussed: How he approached the job; treating everyone equally; stop and frisk; why he quit the police; why he went public; attention on him; how he became a public figure; what Baltimore is like; deeds where black people can’t live in white neighborhoods; fixing racism; imitating our environment; money and politicians; the effect of video evidence on crime; cops and PTSD; stress; Freddie Gray; switchblades; fun of being an officer; military vets should be cops; shootings from fear; prohibition compared to drug war; working the street; his first arrest; inbreeding; meeting quotas; no traffic cops in Baltimore; arresting people multiple times; system creates criminals; working in plain clothes; being intimidating; us vs. them mentality; black officers being racist towards blacks; realizing what the problem is; living away from where he works; prison industrial complex; Anthony Batts fired; what would happen if drugs were decriminalized; Obama to release drug offenders; Eric Garner; power and corruption; cop killed Walter Scott then dropped taser by his body; things are changing; people being over sensitive; society becoming more aware; conservatives; the internet is helping; make less losers; nothing has changed with police; what police should do; indictments; fear reactions; was Ferguson justified; Tamir Rice; Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Baltimore are the same; Confederate flag; Daisy Dukes; the General Lee; southern pride; changing the Confederate flag; California drought; earthquakes; Boston; Chicago; weather; east coast heat; car chase stories; Frank Sinatra’s size; car chases and standards for driving; shooting in knee and shooting standards; self-defense training; Steven Seagal Russian demonstration video; martial arts for self defense; striking for officers; judo; wrestling; jiu-jitsu; physical standards for officers; difficulty for women cops; gay cops; fanny packs; black lives matter; media coverage; gun control.

My Thoughts: Worth listening to if you’re interested in the topic of police brutality. Pretty much sticks to that topic the entire time.

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