The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 669 with Joey Diaz (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 669
Episode Guest: Joey Diaz
Original Airdate: July 7, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Dollar Shave Club, LegalZoom, Onnit

Guest Bio: Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand-up comedian and actor. Joey also hosts his own podcast called The Church of What’s Happening Now.

Topics Discussed: Miami ViceG. Gordon Liddy; CIA and drug dealing; Silk Road DEA agent bitcoin theft; drug smuggling; heroin in New York; homeless in Los Angeles; skid row; Kevin Hart’s shows; Joe’s security stories; opening a show; suicide and mental illness; dead girlfriends; pill addictions; people you love dying; Joey reminds Joe of his dead friend; Joey’s old friends; guys doing steroids; clothes that wont come back in style; The Wrestler movie; doing steroids for superficial reasons; day drinkers; doing cocaine; cocaine and doing stand-up; Joey bombing; pot brownies; Joey overeating while super high; Joey bombing while high and nervous; edibles; weed taxes; Denver; Quaaludes; Bill Cosby drugging girls; being rich and ugly; slipping someone a mickey; Spanish fly; Animal House rape scene; rape scenes; The Longest Yard opening scene; Bullitt chase scene; Le Mans movie; movies with silence; editing; General Lee; kit cars; organized crime and the docks; growing heroin; chewing cocoa leaves; krokodil; growing cocoa leaves; heroin in the United States; synthetic drugs; Coca Cola and cocoa leaves; morphine; knee operations; doctor assisted suicide; weed and cancer benefits; other benefits of marijuana; Hempcrete; Chris Christie; Donald Trump and organized crime connections; Obama; gay marriage; countries against gay marriage; the Vatican is the landlord of a bath house; Jared Fogle from Subway had house raided; are pedophiles born with an attraction to kids; father shoots son’s molester video; revenge movies; High Plains Drifter movie; John Wick movie; rodeo clowns; Mexicans; Diaz name origins; California drought; climate change; Galveston contaminated water advisory; lady loses sight after mud run; polar bear plunges; cryotherapy; transgender stories; Jenny Jones secret crush episode; muscular pigs; changing genes; future of transgender surgeries; future of biomedicine; Bruce Jenner’s transformation; Joey’s transgender comic friend; phony people; doing things to fit in; Joey’s coffee rant; “Spinning Wheel” by Blood Sweat and Tears song; “Hello It’s Me” Todd Rundgren song; hash oil Keurig K cups; sugar; Joey’s Periscope morning joint; driving with a camera; Brian’s Periscope shower food reviews; showers; Regenokine; female blood; Punchline comedy club; quitting cocaine; Joey becoming a good comedian.

My Thoughts: Watch or listen to it. No other comments necessary.

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