The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 667 with Kurt Metzger (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 667
Episode Guest: Kurt Metzger
Original Airdate: June 30, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Trunk Club, Uber, Onnit

Guest Bio: Kurt Metzger is a comedian, actor and writer. He also has a podcast called Race Wars he co-hosts with comedian Sherrod Small available for download via iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Donald Trump’s racist comments and repercussions; immigration; Cuba; old cars; car commercials; political correctness; protecting the lord; political correctness effects on comedy; The Disturbing Online Trail of Kurt Metzger article; Kurt’s podcast; slam poetry; Upworthy rape article; changing rapists; Law and Order rape public service announcements; pedophilia: is it a choice; antidepressants; Adolph Hitler and meth; the bombings of Japan; Rolling Stone rape article; Columbia rape; schools handling rape cases; false rape accusations; obsession with sex; stopping rape; end of days and second coming; preppers; growing up religious; leaving religion; social justice warriors; Catholics; leaving a religion; becoming a comic; bad relationships; smoking and drinking where it’s illegal; open container laws; drunks; Olde English; malt liquor alcohol percentage; Stack High Gravity Lager; offensive comedy; Andrew Dice Clay’s The Day the Laughter Died album; Dangerfield’s comedy club; Montreal; Maine; strong weed; The Comedy Connection; food poisoning; politically correct Canadians; getting a drink dumped on him; people think comedy and podcasting is easy; Taylor Negron; the internet connection; Instagram girls; yoga pants; Jamie Kilstein; comics vs. comics; Saturday Night Live swaying presidential votes; Fred Phelps; picking and choosing Christian beliefs; Abraham Lincoln’s thoughts on black people; the Civil War; immigration; vaping; smoking cigarettes.

My Thoughts: I don’t remember.

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