The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 664 with Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky

Episode Number: 664
Episode Guest: Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky
Original Airdate: June 23, 2015
Episode Sponsors: NatureBox,, Onnit

Guest Bio: Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky are stand-up comedians and together host their own podcast called Your Mom’s House.

Topics Discussed: Inside jokes; doing a black voice; Rachel Dolezal; growing up wanting to be black; Tom’s new comedy special; Seattle; old bits; listening to yourself; hating yourself; people asking for things; lying about what you do; Persians; Shahs of Sunset TV show; virgins having butt sex; UFC’s no punches to the back of the head rule; Travis Browne vs. Andrei Arlovski fight; Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Jessica Penne fight; Poland; tough eastern European fighters and boxers; Gennady “GGG” Golovkin fights; Floyd Mayweather, Jr.; Mayweather 24/7 series; Brody Stevens; Chelsea Lately TV show; Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job TV show; Christina getting fired from Chelsea Lately; business cliches; managers; receiving bad advice when you’re a beginner at stand-up; dirty vs. clean material; working late night television shows clean; music without swear words; clean rap; listening to NWA for the first time; gang tattoos; Tom’s friend with fake gang tattoos prison story; guy with murder scene tattoo gets arrested; dirty rap; obscenity laws; Max Hardcore; porn now vs. then; story of Joe going to a porn premiere; Hot Girls Wanted documentary; abusive porn; fart and shit porn; King Ass Ripper videos; farts after shaving your ass; farts are funny; more King Ass Ripper talk; R. Kelly received no push back from the black community; Michael Jackson; Michael Jackson moved to Dubai; Sylvester Stallone glass table shit story; Richard Gere gerbil rumor started by Scientology; Bill Cosby received no push back from the black community; Cosby’s glaucoma; Cosby’s persona; Seinfeld receiving flack for his show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee not being diverse enough; Dave Grohl’s TV show Sonic Highways didn’t have enough women; Caitlyn Jenner is a murderer for killing someone in her car; Bailey Jay transexual; Buck Angel transexual; people being too politically correct; only being allowed to express positive thoughts of Caitlyn Jenner; bullying; fear is a great motivator; pecking order; fake people; Jim Norton; Joe receiving feedback for his thoughts on Fallon Fox; moving towards political correctness; did it change people; words you can’t say anymore; PTSD; police officers; pimps; prostitution legality; Too $hort’s “Blowjob Betty” lyrics; Obama said “nigger” on Marc Maron’s podcast; presidents saying the “N” word; Abraham Lincoln’s thoughts on black people; the confederate flag; Marc Maron’s Obama podcast; podcasting popularity; Tom and Christina shooting a pilot; their podcast; podcasts are better than TV; TV is better than movies; Netflix is the best; movie talk; Tait Fletcher; their new office; Joe’s cars; car talk; car technology; car talk; valets; Eddie Griffin crashes Ferrari; Porsche 911 crash; Eddie Griffin; tattoos; tattoo removal cream; Shark Tank TV show; Rachel Dolezal; transracial; Diddy arrested for swinging kettlebell at someone; farting and shitting in front of each other; having kids; butt sex; crime shows.

My Thoughts: Funny stuff. Lots of farting talk.

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