The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 663 with Dominic Monaghan

Episode Number: 663
Episode Guest: Dominic Monaghan
Original Airdate: June 22, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, MeUndies, Onnit

Guest Bio: Dominic Monaghan is an English actor, best known for his role in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and on the TV show Lost. He also has a wildlife documentary series called Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan which airs on the Travel Channel.

Topics Discussed: Doing Lost and The Lord of the Rings; fans’ views of Lost; actors complaining; comparing yourself to others; womens’ bodies; big butts; eating healthy; gaining weight to get bigger; developing a habit; working with JJ Abrams; island fever; living in Hawaii; surfing; almost dying; The Rock; Kevin Hart on Jimmy Kimmel; work ethic; ambition; Anthony Bourdain; addiction; Dom’s weed abuse; Sigur Ros; the cloud; The Fappening; buying music and movies; vinyl records; Bill Cosby scandal; George Carlin; Bill Hicks; Louis CK; Joey Diaz; haters and hecklers; off-limits subjects for stand-up comedy; evolution of jokes; Jerry Seinfeld; Joe’s favorite comedians; clean comedians; girl and guy comedians; Monty Python double groove record; Dom’s move to America; British soaps; Viggo Mortensen; living in New Zealand; New Zealand birds and wildlife; Australian rabbits and foxes; humans; the western world; our impact on the environment; planning for the future; animals vs. people; living a balanced life; hunting and conservation; rhino horns; Louis Theroux’s African Hunting Holiday; L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology; Dom’s show; bullet ants; celebrating animals and overcoming fear; he loves animals but is not a vegetarian; eating once per day; saving animals that don’t save each other; the real world is cruel; behavior is natural; what is natural; people throwing cigarette butts; people smoking; cigarette cravings; Inside Out movie; why do we have feelings; balancing life; overcoming disappointment; depression; the lows make you appreciate the highs; people in Los Angeles; meeting fans; women fighting men; Ronda Rousey; Cyborg Justino; Rory MacDonald; Georges St-Pierre’s retirement; GSP’s alien story; brain trauma; athlete retirement.

My Thoughts: Dom’s thoughts on animals and ants are…interesting, especially since he eats meat. Gets a little hippy dippy at times. With that aside, it’s an entertaining podcast for the most part.

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