The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 662 with Vinny Shoreman

Episode Number: 662
Episode Guest: Vinny Shoreman
Original Airdate: June 18, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Trunk Club, Audible, Onnit

Guest Bio: Vinny Shoreman is a mind coach and kickboxing and Muay Thai commentator and coach.

Topics Discussed: Joe’s hypnotism experience; different hypnotic states; mind coaches in combat sports; doubts and fears; anxiety; overcoming past failures; bullying; therapy; how Vinny started; working with fighters; working with Ian McCall; Glory kickboxing; working with Joe Schilling; fighters asking what happened after a fight; Muhammad Ali vs. Cleveland Williams fight; boxing talk; fighters killing their opponent in the ring; weight cutting and brain trauma; Gerald McClellan; boxer/trainer relationships; hypnotism in combat sports; fighters becoming coaches; Vinny’s goals; working with non-fighters; confidence; relationships; falling into patterns; trapped in momentum; old rappers; telling people not to fight; catchweights; cutting weight; Canelo vs. Cotto; boxing talk; Badr Hari; kickboxing today; Wladimir Klitschko vs. Tyson Fury; MMA today; evolution of striking; training MMA; mental coaching for kids and the average person; types of hypnotism; street hypnotism; comic hypnotist Frank Santos Jr.; the placebo effect; the feeling of being under; Manchurian candidates; flim flam artists; confusing people; cults; Scientology; Going Clear documentary; psychics and cold readings; Banachek; psychic readings; chiropractors; what Vinny gets out of it; how long he’s been doing hypnotism; what else he does; Kung Fu and hypnosis; fake martial arts; snake oil and placebos; turning down clients.

My Thoughts: Interesting if you’re a fight fan.

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