The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 660 with Jim Florentine (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 660
Episode Guest: Jim Florentine
Original Airdate: June 15, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, LegalZoom, Onnit

Guest Bio: Jim Florentine is a comedian known for hosting That Metal Show on VH1 as well as his own podcast called Comedy Metal Midgets available for download via iTunes and Stitcher.

Topics Discussed: Jim Norton’s New Jersey apartment with black mold; Bob Levy eating blue cheese from girls’ buttholes; Extreme Elvis; Gwar; Charlie Hebdo; Ted Nugent says he wants to kill the president; Ted Nugent hunts pigs from a helicopter; killing wild pigs compared to farm pigs; feeding bodies to pigs; Rachael Dolezal; spray tans; oil and tanning when you were younger; Old Spice; barber slits customer’s with straight razor; Jeff Ross’ jail roast; crazy girls; sugar daddies; prostitution legality; dating a stripper; Amazon wishlists; Tom Segura’s Amazon wish list; the future of shopping; printers and 3D printers; printing animals; the future of technology; the future of medicine; guy with hole in cheek; body modifications; earrings in left/right ears or both ears; face piercings; pussy piercings; Kegal exercises; Russian lifts weights with her vagina; anal sex; controlling orgasms; Kegals for men; Brian flipping grapes off his dick into his mouth; quitting cigarettes; cigarettes and taste buds; Brian quitting smoking; asbestos and lung disease; 9/11 attacks air quality; Donna Summer’s death; 9/11 conspiracy theories; Tower 7 falling; France’s red zones; World War I; Dallas gunman; North Hollywood shootout; John Wick movie; Jurassic World; The Walk movie; tightrope walking; Cirque du Soleil; carnivals; circus animals; bear kills monkey video; lions and tigers in Las Vegas; Dubai man with cheetahThe Elephant in the Living Room documentary; 500 million dollar house in Bel Air; hookers in Dubai; Sex and the City 2; cigarettes suppress appetite; juicing; what he’s doing in LA; The Comedy Store; comedy clubs in New York; The Comedy and Magic Club; working with Joey Diaz; violence and gore on TV; drinking animal cum on Fear Factor; Fear Factor stunts; a girl has an advantage in cum-drinking contest; yeast infections; Jim’s divorce; finding a normal girl; a relationship with a comedian is hard; dating a stripper; squirting is pee; squirting debate; how Brian’s penis shape makes girls squirt; Gary from Florida story; banging older women; moving to Florida to bang girls; Florida’s south vs. north; New Jersey stand-up comedy; specials now vs. then; Kevin Hart’s specials; Billy Joel playing Madison Square Gardens; Washington state outside of Seattle; rural California; the California drought.

My Thoughts: Jim barely talks in this one. Brian acts dumb and Joe calls him on it. They debate about squirting…again.

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