The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 658 with Greg Fitzsimmons

Episode Number: 658
Episode Guest: Greg Fitzsimmons
Original Airdate: June 10, 2015
Episode Sponsors: LegalZoom, NatureBox, ZipRecruiter, Onnit

Guest Bio: Greg Fitzsimmons is a stand-up comedian. He also hosts his own podcast FitzDog Radio available on iTunes and every Monday on Sirius Howard 101.

Topics Discussed: Abraham Lincoln quote; Lincoln history; Civil War history and economics; slavery; slave ownership compared to pet ownership; Django Unchained movie; 12 Years a Slave movie; could slavery happen again; Texas pool party incident; Greg stole a cop’s hat when he was younger; donuts and muffins; I’m Dying Up Here book; Joe becoming regular at The Comedy Store; Mitzi Shore; getting bumped; Let’s Get Small by Steve Martin; Steve Martin’s acting; Bill Cosby’s doctorates; Bill’s wealth and money; Bill’s touring; The Little Rascals; black and white Popeye cartoons; early animation; animation cells; Scarface movie; rappers and mafia movies; Chet Haze; Jaden and Will Smith; celebs getting free swag at events; Nike custom shoes; Von Dutch; trucker hats; distressed clothes; Amy Garcia; womens’ legs; Bon Jovi concert; live music; Bruce Springsteen; Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley; playing the piano and guitar; male and female brains; Bruce Jenner killed someone; editing a podcast; Transparent show; Vanity Fair cover; “front hole“, not vagina; pussy; Natasha Leggero; Christina Pazsitzky; writing material; Woody Allen’s Without Feathers book; refining material; filming comedy sets; giving fans cameras; streaming comedy shows; Periscope; people don’t communicate anymore; taking time off; Channel Island sharks; ocean rising; The Salton Sea; California agriculture and drought; underground water; salt mountain in Germany; diamonds are a girl’s best friend; Clippers owner’s girlfriend and the Donald Sterling controversy; Michael Richards controversy; trying to be funny; what Michael Richards should have done; Joel McHale; Kramer’s physicality on show; Jim Breuer; Long Island comedians; Richard Jeni; comedians wanting a sitcom; Richard Jeni’s suicide; Robin Williams and his money; comics need love and acceptance; getting high from cardio exercise; getting high before exercise; weed and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Chad Ochocinco boxing; the evolution of martial arts; Bryan Callen exercising and boxing; Joe vs. Joey Diaz in BJJ; New York prison escape; escapee’s female accomplice; escaping prison; Greg leaving the house while grounded; parenting teens; beating up dads; people who drive pick-up trucks; pick-up trucks; leaving during the apocalypse; Lost TV show; Gilligan’s Island TV show; Mary Ann and Ginger; unbelievable premises; meeting fans at conventions; old television actors today, not working; Bewitched TV show; I Dream of Jeannie TV show; no shows today are like the old ones; names of countries; escaped New York convicts; escaping to Canada compared to Mexico; eating a person; eating an animal; Wagyu beef; veal; grass-fed beef; alfalfa; salads; eating radishes; Joe’s science teacher; God and infinity; the birth of the universe; dark matter; space talk; the balance of the universe; inheriting money; fighting for inheritance; Ketamine and depression; mushrooms.

My Thoughts: Greg is always worth a listen.

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